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    Windows 10 First windows 10 BSOD

    Here is the dump file of the crash earlier along with everything else W7F diagnostic tool grabs.
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    Windows 10 First windows 10 BSOD

    I just wanted to report the first windows 10 BSOD didn't take too long after the update to happen. The error was 0x000000fe. The photo is below. The sad face screen actually stated that it was a usb driver error that caused the bsod. I will update the drivers and this thread accordly.
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    Windows 7 Evga Geforce 7900 GT KO video problem w/64 bit

    how to fix the lines (solved) ive had the same issue it has been driving me nuts. i vnc into the windows 7 box so i could be on the console and change the resolution and all the display settings. turns out if i set the colors to 16bit the lines go away which also explains why the login screen...