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    Hello I signed up for this on Instagram thinking it would be ok. Get Instagram Followers But now its always having me tag random people in it. How do I undo this move? Thank you
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    Hello How do I email Windows for support? Thank you
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    Topic merge

    Hello I cant connect to a certain WiFi network. I enter the password, says I cant connect. I turn WiFi off and on, restart my phone and it still doesnt work. I have never had problems with that WiFi before since I factory reset my Windows Phone. Also my phone cant turn off unless I take the...
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    SD Card

    Hello On phones you can call on Facebook/Messenger. How do I do this on my Windows Phone? Thank You
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    SD Card

    Hello I fixed my Windows Phone. But my SD card is not detecting. How do I fix this? Thank You
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    Please help

    Hello I have a Nokia Lumia 630. I have had it for about 7 months. I have a SD card, and about half of my storage has been used. Now, when I turn the phone on and unlock it comes up with a black screen saying its loading. I can click on the bottom right search, it comes up with the search but...