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    Windows 10 Nobody can answer - logs

    It depends - on the maximum configured log file size and what Windows is to do when the log fills. By default the initial log file size for all logs is 20MB and when that fills it is overwritten. That being the case your logs from two years ago are likely overwritten and thus gone. Open the...
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    Windows 10 Win10: BSOD loop due to driver verifier, cannot disable verifier, cannot boot to safe mode

    There is a lesson here about the use of Driver Verifier. It's designed to cause bad drivers to BSOD so that you can diagnose the driver issue in the resulting dump. The problem with Driver Verifier, as demonstrated here, is that if the bad driver fails during boot you'll never be able to recover...
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    I'm new here so I've taken a look at the three dumps from 2 years ago[!] and the one thing they all have in common is unexpected page faults. Two have 0xc0000005 exception codes - that's a memory access violation, and the third is a page fault in a non-pageable area. To me, they all point to...