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    Windows 8 Windows 8 Latency

    Any Thoughts on this issue? I am still experiencing it!!!
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    Windows 8 Windows 8 Latency

    I have been using the windows 8 consumer preview since it came out. I am having issues with a higher than normal latency. WINDOWS 8 WINDOWS 7 If you look at the photo you will see that my latency is at about 1000-1300 on average. In windows 7 on the exact same machine with the exact same...
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    Windows 7 Graphics Driver ISsues

    Yep I am well aware of beta software and i had already reported it to nvidia. I'm just trying to see if anyone else has encountered similar issues with the driver or not?
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    Windows 8 Games that work.

    I can confirm that Starcraft 2 also works in windows 8. I must say Call of Duty Black Ops MY FPS Rate went up by 11 when switching from 7 to 8!!!
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    Windows 8 Windows 8 Freezes Before First Load

    My Only thoughts are that there is an issue with it loading some of the drivers for some of the hardware. I don't have a touchsmart computer so i cannot confirm this theory. Did you try both 64 bit versions of the operating system?
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    Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 8

    Awesome list here of the shortcuts glad you posted it!!!
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    Windows 7 Graphics Driver ISsues

    I run an NVIDIA GTX480 Graphics Card. I am using the 285.27 Beta Graphics Driver that nvidia released on the 13th. So far the driver has run pretty smooth except for when i am in the metro interface and moving around it quickly. Like lets say I quickly scroll right and then quickly change back...
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    Windows 8 Metro UI Invisible

    I had a similar issue on both of my 64 bit machines. The solution on one was to reinstall windows 8 using the developers build that had the tools in it and the other one was to use an nvidia beta display driver!!!
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    Windows 7 Forums Promotions and Giveaways

    Well I am honored to have received the 3rd place award. Congratulations to the 1st and 2nd place winners as they deserve the prize. When I created the Class vs New Start Menu Thread I had no intentions of becoming the most popular thread on the entire forum. It was only through support of my...
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    Hide Folder HiBit

    Hide Folder HiBit is the most awesome program I have ever seen to encrypt files properly. If anyone is looking for a free file encryption program please go and visit Register Hide folder HiBit Activation Code... You can get the free version easily by doing several things!!!
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    suggestion - do away with the 180 day password limitation

    think of it this way. 180 days is half of a year!!! I mean many of my employment places make us change our password every 30 days. It is for your own security as well as many people tend to use the same password throughout the internet making it more vulnerable every day. That is my explanation...
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    Windows 7 Audio Problems... Please Help.

    I would recommend trying to go back drivers and see if it is the newest drivers that are causing the issue. If that doesn't work then I don't know. I have the same sound card and mine works perfectly.
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    Windows Vista Error on Install

    Akensai, No one on this forum will get you a cracked copy of the software or help you in anyway to do so. They will be instantly banned per the rules of the forum. However, I can suggest that you need to reinstall the old operating system or purchase another copy of another operating system...
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    Windows 7 Classic Start Menu

    Interesting thought you had. I actually quite agree with it.
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    Windows 7 Classic vs. New Start Menu

    Its because people are allowed to choose more than one option. So lets say i choose option one and two. That means that for the one person i choose two options. It does it on a per person poll option. Some people must have selected multiple answers and that would be the reason for it drew.
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    Windows 7 Classic vs. New Start Menu

    glad to hear tanzanos. Always happy when people get their problems solved.
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    Windows 7 Classic Start Menu

    I think what needs to be said is that everyone is entitled to their opinions. I agree Microsoft has made a terrible decision and will lose some customers from this. Yes there are third party programs you can get to emulate the classic start menu. One way or another the menu will be available to...
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    Windows 7 Classic Start Menu

    First off yes this is about the classic menu but people have throughout both sides of the argument have said something about the new even you did wow. And its all a matter of opinion there is no one that is faster than the other. I dont care what tests anyone has. It depends on the person and...
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 product key

    Well mccormick they provide the two discs so that you have the option to install either the 32 or 64 bit version of it. If you read through the liscense agreement it clearly states You must buy the family pack to install it on three seperate computers. I have attached my copy of the licensing...
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    Windows 7 Classic Start Menu

    oh i agree on that on cybercore i never said the new menu was perfect. But it seems we agree on that the layout is good but the visuals of the color need to be worked on!!!