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    Is a anti-virus program needed?

    WD and malware bytes free scan every so often is about all I will do. I am the only one using my PC and I don't download or click anything I shouldn't. Just backup as many things/settings as you can because a clean install is only 20-30 mins these days with windows 10. :)
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    Brave Browser

    You used it before, how was it? Should I try it? Happy with Chrome and Edge atm. I might go back to Opera. I'm not sure about security and what not , I just figure some browser with a lion on it that I never heard of can't be more secure than others. (Unless they're blocking things you need/want...
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    Windows 10 Freeze problem with Chrome (GOOGLE)

    Ok, I finally fixed this problem after almost 2 years. It was freezing once a day, three times a day or once every two days. I thought someone might want to know this fix or can tell me why I had to even do this. :) So, I had event id errors 508 and 533. I looked them up a lot the last year...
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    Windows 10 Freeze problem with Chrome (GOOGLE)

    OK, When using Google Chrome, Twitch or YouTube or pretty much anything, my computer will freeze for 40 seconds and then come back. I have been using Microsoft Edge for 2 days and no freezes. (with a little waterfox) SO, now, the only google browser I have installed is Google Chrome portable...
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    Windows 10 Very small problem with login

    The spinning circle left of Welcome after typing password is invisible. Still a space for it, it's just invisible. Anyone know how to correct it? It came back once but gone again, lol. I tried changing lock screen wallpaper and other lock screen settings. :( I was trying to fix a very annoying...
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    Windows 10 Removing System Items From Start Menu

    Probably won't get to delete those until they figure out how to make it or realize some of us want to only have calculator and solitaire in our all programs. If you find a way, please post here. I suggest using full screen start menu and pretend the all apps don't exist. I got used to full...
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    Windows 10 My all programs are showing, help!

    It's just a very interesting choice to have it like that especially when they have a search bar. The full screen start is better but I'm not really liking it full screen. I was just getting used to not being able to customize those programs, now they stick them in my face. It just doesn't make...
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    Windows 10 My all programs are showing, help!

    Yes, I don't know if it's a "feature" or bug. Everything else seems to be working so far. I had to Re-enable SLI and change a few settings back. Really I hope they let us disable that all programs part of the start menu because I don't need it or want it. Loving the new virtual desktop features...
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    Windows 10 My all programs are showing, help!

    Yes, I have that version. I will just wait it out. I read they did updates to the start menu. I will clean install when they have an updated W10 image.
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    Windows 10 My all programs are showing, help!

    The Windows 10 update went fine expect when I open start menu my all programs are opened. Please tell me there's a way to minimize them.. Also the update deleted Ccleaner. lol wtf
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    Windows 10 When I open a program, (Elsword), my resolution goes all wonky.

    Don't believe you can lock resolution. Try maybe borderless gaming. A program that lets you play in a windowed fullscreen. Thats what I would try.
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    Windows 10 Upgrade for the public

    Just went to my windows updates and I have this.. I already have windows 10 pro.. What does this update do? I am scared! EDIT: Nevermind, I read about it. :D EDIT: Took about 45 mins. Seems fine so far.
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    Windows 10 Windows 10 repeated crashes.

    When I did a clean install and disabled SLI, I have not had a blue screen or any crash since. I don't play Minecraft but all my games have caught up to windows 7 performance. Windows updates have been very smooth for me. If you didn't clean install it should solve all your problems to do that...
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    Windows 10 Multiple desktop settings

    Hi guys, What you are saying is you want to have a video on one screen and switch between diff desktops on the other screen? Which program would you download to do this? I never saw this option with any programs on windows 7. I now have windows 10 and would like to do this. BIGBEARJEDI, How...
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    Windows 10 Startup/Unknown

    So, AVAST started detecting this thing as a threat when I booted my computer. Something in the temp folder. I looked in task scheduler and had two things. Skypeautoupdater and Skypeupdate. I don't even have Skype or ever had Skype on my computer, lol. I disabled them and all is well now. I...
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    Windows 10 Startup/Unknown

    Probably, but I can't get it to go away when disabling Breakaway completely. Guess I will just uninstall things until it goes away just to see what it is.
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    Windows 10 Startup/Unknown

    Event viewer shows SetupARservice error. I tried disabling that service. Still happening. :( Only other error in event viewer is service control manager. The downloader/setup seems to be harmless. I use Breakaway audio enhancer and since SetupARservice is realtek something, I thought it might...
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    Windows 10 Startup/Unknown

    I tried that but it goes away too fast. I don't see anything it could be in the task manager running.
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    Windows 10 Startup/Unknown

    When I boot into windows I have a window show up in the taskbar named setup and it changes to downloader. No window pops up on the screen and it goes away. How can I find out what it is? Thanks!
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    Windows 10 SLI Windows 10

    Games seem to run the same on two monitors without SLI. I really want to use one monitor for games but I REALLY like a second monitor. I hear it's not true SLI with two monitors anyway, whatever that means. I do have two dmp files. I will look into them later. I might just shop for a gpu...