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    Network and Security

    Hello. I use a Dial-Up broadband connection(3G). Regarding System Mechanic Pro:Is it possible to tune a connection as mine,and if it is,can you feel the difference. Additional: how do i secure my system from unaurtorized use.:confused:
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    Windows 7 Bitdefender Total Security 2013

    Good-morning(07:04 Copenhagen time) I have recently purchased Bitdefender Total Security,and virus removal. I am used to McAfee so i am very surprised about system scan times E.T.C. Additional protection:Hitman Pro & Rkill. Have A nice Day Everyone.:)
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    Foobar 1.1.18

    New version 10 minutes ago YES!:)
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    Windows 7 Tune Up & Tweaking

    Hello. I have re-installed Windows,many times and destroyed 1 acer laptop,because of tune up software,now i have tryed System Mechanic pro on my new toshiba laptop and it works perfectly,i do not use all the advice the program offers. My disc defragmenter is Auslogics disc defrag...
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    Windows 7 FLAC

    Hello,i would like to transform my compact discs to FLAC files,how do i do that?:confused:
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 Manager 4.1.6

    Hi I have optimized and cleaned,defragged my windows 7 home premium with Yamisofts windows 7 manager 4.1.6,and this time i have followed the instructions given by the program,just to see if anyone without knowlegde about computers,can optimize their system without having a clue of what they are...
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    Windows 7 Which Anti-Virus do You Use?

    McAfee All Access Total Protection,And i would never dream of Switching to another product,the detection rate is outstanding and the support the same.
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    The new DFX 11 is sweet regarding user interface,but what does it has to offer,not much in my oppinion,it has some nice settings and so what? But SRS AUDIO ESSENTIALS is outstanding in every sence. Are we talking audio quality,DFX is very very far from SRS. I have both dsp`s installed but i...
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    Windows 7 MAD (new version)

    Hey How do i integrate the "new" version of the outstanding encoder MAD in to WINAMP 5.63?? I have tryed allmost everything. I have succeeded with the old version,but it is impossible not to. tryed to put in the plugin folder and winamp folder but it does not seem to work. Please help:confused: