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    Windows 7 Windows 7 - Solutions for boot problems.

    I tried everything. System still hanging. Even I decided at last to format it but even booting from CD windows still hangs at the same place ..... Any suggestion ?
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    Windows 7 Win 7 acts as though I have two monitors

    I had the same problem. Try to change it from Multiple Display Settings and choose an option which makes screen number 2 looks grey. ( Disconnected or non-highlighted ) I hope this works.
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    Windows 7 Sudden hanging on "Starting Windows" screen

    Hello , I have wthe same problem the system hangs on "Starting Windows" , tried to repair it but it shows nothing on test. Aso, I tried to boot windows 7 from the DVD but I get the same hang on "Starting Windows". I installed nothing suspecious . I just shut it down and the next day I tried to...