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    My PC does 3 beeps sometimes when I start in on!

    Each motherboard manufacturer has its own beeps that signal problems. Read this information on the manufacturer's website.
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    External WD 1TB USB Drive not useable

    To work with the disk in this case, I would recommend using special software. For example, Partition Recovery or something similar. So you can access all your data and sections.
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    New Motherboard

    I think you should find a normal service center where your PC can be diagnosed accurately. It seems that the current repairs have not yielded results and just wasted your money.
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    If the standard Windows tools do not cope with the task of partitioning or merging a disk partition, then it is better to use third-party software. In this regard, the Partition Recovery program has proven itself very well. She can easily cope with such a task.
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    You can use an emulator or run the program in compatibility mode.
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    Windows 10 Missing operating system after rebooting

    Try to connect the CDM to another PC and use the Partition Recovery program. You will be able to recover the disk partition from the OS.
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    For these purposes, I use the iPadian program