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    Corel WordPerfect Office Suite X3 on Windows 10?

    How can I check compatibility of my WordPerfect Office Suite with Win 10? Also, what about software that links my desktop applications with my Android Phone & Tablet? Primarily I'm talking about Netgear Genie, and Android Apps that let me operate my PC Windows desktop remotely like Team Viewer...
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    Windows 7 I messed-up my start-up screen!

    Thank you but it's not the background that I need to recover, but rather something the Ultimate Windows Customizer calls "Branding". Which is the part of the screen that is the writing on the bottom that says what version of Windows is installed. BMK
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    Windows 7 I messed-up my start-up screen!

    I downloaded and installed a program from the Windows club, which allows you to modify and personalize many elements of Windows. It's called the ultimate windows...something. One of the things it lets you do is personalized the startup screen. Somehow in doing that, there's an element of the...