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    Itunes Update

    Re: Itunes 8.1 iTunes has always been a mixed bag for me. On one hand it's a convenient way of managing music, movies, iPhone apps, TV shows, etc., and on the other hand it's been a fat, bloated pig of an application. If you buy content from the iTunes store it's been a necessary evil for years...
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    Windows Vista Customise start up on Vista or 7

    Note: For getting into msconfig you need to login as an Administrator Account or need Administrator Password. Open the Start Menu. In the search line, type msconfig and press Enter. Go to step 3. Open the Control Panel (All items view) and click on the Administrative Tools icon, then...
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    Windows Vista Can not reinstall Vista

    Have you installed Vista? No floppy, no F6. There is a point for installing SATA drivers if necessary. "Adam Albright" <> wrote in message > >"[cookie]" <> wrote in message...
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    Windows 7 Internet Explorer 8

    oh, let's get it. It works perfectly. there's no problem and faster and window media player is cool.
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    Windows 7 windows 7 slow install and won't boot

    Your system is fast, so windows 7 must setup fast and perfectly. i don't know how but may be your system has wrong somewhere, may be your main or hardisk
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    Windows 7 Can't install Windows 7 or Vista

    Oh guy i think your mainboard or ram is wrong. you eject your disk while setup windows and continue. Its worked for me