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  1. Kosh Vorlon

    Community Vote: Experience Points System?

    Hi Mitchell, With all due respect, and recognizing I've hardly been here long enough to see how members do or don't try to help or whether things are already perfect and management always makes the right decisions (with the caveat that no site I've ever seen anywhere seems perfect or even close...
  2. Kosh Vorlon

    Community Vote: Experience Points System?

    If that's the case (and you truly do want more participation and 20 votes is sufficient and a majority as opposed to a landslide agreement is sufficient and this isn't now just a reason to consider the one nay vote as a veto), then perhaps the solution is to give the poll more visibility. I...
  3. Kosh Vorlon

    Windows 7 Microsoft Security Essentials Version 2.0

    Neither V2 nor V4-beta are available any more. V4 is officially released. It can be obtained here (and should ONLY be obtained here): Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Antivirus for Windows. Installing over the current version should be fine - but I would think not many haven't converted...
  4. Kosh Vorlon

    Community Vote: Experience Points System?

    I can't remember now, but could that even be seen until after you voted? I'm pretty sure it appeared along with the voting results only after I'd voted - but geez, I can't believe I can't remember even though it was such a short time ago (and no way for me to test it now since I've already...
  5. Kosh Vorlon

    MVP/MCCA Recognition "badge" and posts here counting toward those awards

    Two things really. 1. Is there some way to recognize members who have MVP or MCCA designations with some type of badge or indicator next to their post identification information? I found a sneaky way to edit the comment below member status (as you can see though I missed how that was...
  6. Kosh Vorlon

    Community Vote: Experience Points System?

    While I've seen this kind of thing backfire into competition for awards taking priority over service to the OPs, I think in general that's not how most react and agree that some form of recognition would be beneficial. My biggest concern is that this was posted weeks ago and there are now only...
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