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    Computer randomly freezes during gaming (bsod error)

    so are you saying the cpu is causing the random crashes? Sorry i can't really understand the the mini dumps. Thank you
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    Computer randomly freezes during gaming (bsod error)

    Hi, when i play league of legend while using skype, my computer tend to freeze and stops functioning. This is a recent problem which has not happened before in the past. Thank you for your help
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    Blue Screen of Death with new PC

    Hi, I just got another bsod today. Last time when i posted on this forum, it was blamed for the ati video card driver. However, the problem persisted even after i updated to the latest driver available. So, i took out the video card today and started using the onboard video card that came...
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    BSOD on newly built computer

    Hi, i have gotten blue screen of death twice already. Both happened when i was playing mabinogi(a MMORPG which eats a lot of cpu) and watching youtube. I was just wondering if the cause of BSOD is because of computer overheating? Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS...
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