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    Corrupt disk - run chkdsk

    did you try to format destination 7 partition using installer? (which means not with acronis, partition magic or xp system or anything) worked for me and i guess for gtrman79, cause he's not reporting any problems.
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    Router issues.

    I've got tomato firmware and after installing W7 had no any problems. Wireless connection, 2 laptops, 1 desktop on LAN, works with static IP and DHCP without any errors on any machine. so maybe tomato is the fix?
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    Working Applications

    on x64: Avira AntiVir Personal scrobbler Foobar2000 DeepBurner Subedit player Shiretoko (firefox dev version) WoW Football Manager Live problems: Comodo firewall didn't install Outpost firewall - errors after install, but it's common also on Vista.
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    Windows 7 Logon screen change

    yes, nut in this case, do you know any other software to change logon screen? Or maybe someone can tell me how to do it manually. Is it the same as on Vista? anyone tried? any restrictions to resolution, etc.?
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    What browser are you using?

    I'm testing new version of firefox. Shiretoko. Works pretty well. Link Removed due to 404 Error
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    Laptop nvidia drivers

    Link Removed due to 404 Error Those are only for mobile platforms. No need to change anything, just click and install. Works perfectly. Those are modified 181.20 drivers. Hope ya like it.
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    Windows 7 Logon screen change

    Anyone tried it? i can swap it with LogonStudioVista but only with a preset screens. When I get to "create", nothing happens after clicking 'Browse" button, so I'm not able to add my own pic. Any help with this one? Or maybe u got another way to change logon screen? aslo, is it possible to...
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    Corrupt disk - run chkdsk

    I had this problem when i first installed W7. Continuous chkdsk after boot and restart, 3-4 times, system starts eventually then after 5 minutes i had information that disk C is corrupted and unreadable (restart, chkdsk and so on). The only way i could fix this was to install W7 once again, on...
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