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    That slow windows 7 performance issue AGAIN!

    I have a REAL problem with slowness on my laptop, every program takes seconds to load and I am very tired of seeing the "not responding" message when trying to save docs, images - or even launch a program. Online it's the same thing, editing a Wordpress site and hitting Publish - can result in...
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    "troubleshoot compatibility" feature is not working

    I have just taken delivery of a new laptop running Windows Home Premium 64 bit O/S. I have an old program that is absolutely essential (my accounts) and I have previously installed this using the "troubleshoot compatibility" option. When I right-click and select this option on the new machine...
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    Win 7 plus Win 7 on 2 partitions?

    I have a laptop with a pair of 500Gb physical HDDs, each drive has 3 partitions. For the past 18 months I have been successfully running Vista (my original OS) on C: and Win 7 Home Premium installed on my G: partition on the 2nd physical drive. I think that Vista is irrelevant now and want to...
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    Win 7 booting from G: partition in dual boot mode

    I have a laptop with twin HDDs and I have Vista on the C: partition on Drive 1. I created a new partition G: on Drive 2 and, while Vista was running, inserted the Win 7 disc and started installation to G:. All went perfectly and I have retained my original partitions with drive letters and...
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