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    Vista RAID-5 doesn't recognize WinXP Raid-5?

    Hi all! I'm using a software RAID-5 hack in WinXP as described by Tom's Hardware, but when I boot in Vista, this RAID array is just "failed". The XP hack is RAID-5 such as it also exists in Windows Server and Windows NT. Are XP & Vista RAID really incompatible? Naturally I don't want to "just...
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    No native Vista drivers for ATI Radeon 9000?

    Hi all! Is there no native Vista driver for the ATI Radeon 9000 Pro 128MB? I've looked at www, (and but the only Vista driver pack is "catalyst_8-31-100_vista32_rc2" which doesn't include the 9000 cards. I also searched in the forum but only found this one thread that...
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