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    Asus Ai suite - Fail to install ACPI driver

    This also bothers me, got the ACPI driver installed, but AI suit won't install since it thinks it can't install the ACPI driver. Any news about this error?
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    Windows 7 Crysis and Grand Theft Auto 4... No Go

    GTA IV works fine here, installed trough steam.
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    Incompatible Windows 7 Programs

    Empires Dawn of the Modern World (atleast in 64bit W7 & Vista 64bit) Get a nasty error when trying to start it. Rise of Nations (didn't work in Vista 64bit either) - Not sound, only sound when intro goes. EDIT! Also, I would recommend Paint.NET for those who needs a Photoshop replacement...
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    Icons on desktop hidden/disappeared?

    No luck :( This is really a pain :P But eh, might just create a new user-account instead :P EDIT: A breaktrough :P It was a user error! Somehow I had un-checked the Right-Click->View->Show Desktop Icons
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    Icons on desktop hidden/disappeared?

    Yeah, but it doesn't help, tried turned off all, and turned on all. Nothing changes.. :(
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    Windows 7 only recognizing 1 of my 2 gigs of ram

    Thats weird, what does it show in bios? 2048?
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    Icons on desktop hidden/disappeared?

    *** SOLVED **** Yes. At some point yesterday all my icons where invisible when looking at the desktop. But when browsing trough it with explorer I can find back to them, or show all stuff at my desktop. But not without doing it trough explorer. The right-click menu still works, and I can...
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