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    Windows 7 to be shipped in Europe sans IE

    I don't know if you guys remember, but a few years ago, there was a big brouhaha about Microsoft not providing a way to uninstall IE for those who wanted to use another browser and get rid of the space taken up by IE. This was before large hard drives became so cheap and plentiful.
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    7137 vs 7201 benchmark results

    If it's any help, I did a clean install on my old test box (Athlon 1GHz, 1Gb ram - I know, really outdated) and I found it handled the 7100RC much better than the 7201. And in the case of 7201 I didn't have any apps loaded except for AVG and PCTools firewall. The 7100RC had these and much more...
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    7137 vs 7201 benchmark results

    Is there enough of a difference in those figures to be noticeable in the real world?
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    AV for Win 7

    The free versions of PCTools for firewall, antivirus and something called Threatfire install okay on Win7 .... too soon to tell if they do what they are supposed to do. But no problem in 6 weeks so far. :) Anyone else using them? Threatfire is supposed to be both antispyware and antivirus.
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    Printing On Hp PSC1210

    Actually before I posted about the problem, I did try a Print Test page and got no response from the printer. I don't like when things happen like that - not knowing what happened to correct the problem. Well, it's still working today.
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    Printing On Hp PSC1210

    Well I'll be darned ... I was checking into the Printer properties as reghakr suggested, just checking each tab ... didn't change a thing and in one of the tabs there was a Print Test Page button. I click that and the darn thing printed. I changed nothing from yesterday to today except shut...
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    Printing On Hp PSC1210

    Has anyone been able to print on the Hp All in One PSC1210? I can scan with it but not print. If you can print, what driver are you using?
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    Win 7_7100RC - IE8 Not Saving Yahoo Email ID/PW

    Anybody else run into this. IE8 in Win 7_7100RC doesn't save Yahoo email login and password. Also happens on other user forums requiring user id and pw. Google Chrome doesn't have this problem.
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    Quickcam and Win7 64-bit....At Wits End

    Try uninstalling the Logitech software - Skype should "see" the camera without the need for the Logitech software.
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    Win7 - beta not as stable as everyone thinks or is it just me?

    If that is build 7048, then yes I was getting that "Windows Explorer has stopped responding" error.
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    Windows 7057 Upgrade Issue

    I have not lost mine, but it takes much longer to make the network icon become active. In fact sometimes I have to launch the browser to make the icon show its connected state. This didn't happen in build 7022.
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    ZoneAlarm OK on build 7022 but NOT on 7057.

    Anyone else find that Zone Alarm 8.0.056 works with build 7022 but not with build 7057? Are there any other choices for a free firewall?
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    Windows 7057 Upgrade Issue

    Thanks, that did it.
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    Windows 7057 Upgrade Issue

    Sorry, I don't have an answer for your long boot up. But I have that problem with notepad starting up with a desktop.ini label with this text: [.ShellClassInfo] LocalizedResourceName=@%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll,-21787 How did you solve it? It's not a show stopper, but I would like...
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    W7 7048 x86 leaked!

    Error With Win Explorer In Build 7048 X86 Build 7022 works without errors on this 1GHz Athlon 1Gb ram system. Tried build 7048 both as an upgrade to 7022, and as a fresh install and at the very end of the process, with the virgin desktop showing, I get the error msg "Windows Explorer has...
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    Boot Choose windows 7 or old xp why?

    Just be careful with the zero time if you ever make the default the OS other than Win 7. The only way I have only found to adjust the time is from within Win 7. Therefore if you make the time zero and you make the default the other OS, I don't know how you will get back into Win 7 to change the...
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    Boot Choose windows 7 or old xp why?

    You can also reduce the 30 seconds to something like 2 seconds, so the computer would go faster into the default selection. Both the default and the time can be changed without using EasyBCD. Just boot into Win 7, R-click My Computer, choose Properties, then Advanced System Settings. Next...
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    IMPORTANT: Burning .iso to DVD

    Roxio seems to be causing more and more incompatibilites - similar to an antivirus program which shall remain nameless, :) . A few weeks ago I came across a system where the optical drive disappeared from My Computer. Another tech said to uninstall Roxio .. that cured it. Was a new one on me...
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    Where to buy laptop battery?

    Unless you post some of the vendors, no one can give an opinion. I've bought online items from,,, and even eBay, and have no complaints. With eBay, of course, you have to be guided by the kind of feedback the seller has.
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    Install W7 from external DVD drive

    If the win7 dvd will boot from the firewire drive then you should be able to install it. Try it and see.
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