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    "Item Not Found ... Verify location and try again."

    Win7-64 Home Premium OEM on a little desktop system at my home. When I rename file XXX, I get the message: Item Not Found. XXX is no longer located in c:\... Verify location and try again. Date created: xx-xx-xxxx When I click "Try Again" the rename looks complete. But it causes numerous...
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    Special Win7 multi-boot config.

    Greetings, Many weeks ago I built a new desktop system around an Intel Clarkdale i5-650 and Asus motherboard. Installed a newly licensed copy of Win7-64 Home Premium OEM. After weeks of installing programs, configuring, etc, I find that Win7 is not the system on which I choose to place primary...
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    Simplest possible Workgroup home net?

    I have a pre-Vista Win desktop and a Win7-64 (HP OEM) desktop at home. ATT DSL, 2-Wire router/gateway, all hardwired. Nobody uses this stuff but me. I've gone to a lot of trouble to set up a Workgroup definition and a shared folder for the 2 pc's (more than once). Got it working. Then the Win7...
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    Win7 UAC, file permissions and the like

    Win7-64 HP OEM on a new desktop at my home and used -only- by myself ... Win7 and I are new to each other. I've heard that it is a good idea to run a user account in my circumstance and avoid using the Admin account for the most part. That's what I've trying to do, and it is a sizable...
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    Multi-boot license question

    I'm still trying to get used to my new Win7 desktop system. I've found many, many surprises in what MS has/has-not engineered into the product. In the past I've run weekly full-image backups of pre-Vista Windows systems by booting one partition of a multi-boot system to backup another...
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