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    Battery level notification is not working properly.

    Thank you for the reply.. As I said I am getting about 1 hour of battery backup and I am not expecting more as battery is as old as the laptop, which is 3 years. I am a little annoyed with the battery level showing very low battery even during charging and 1 hour backup remains. As I am aware...
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    Battery level notification is not working properly.

    I have a 3 year old core 2 duo based laptop by Lenovo. windows 8.1 works perfectly well in the 4 GB ram system. The only issue i am facing is about the battery notification. Whenever I charges the laptop, it shows charging but the level doesn't seem to change even after charging for hours. I...
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    Windows 7 Connecting a payment gateway to application?

    Hello friends! My company is i the final stages of developing our first software for windows. Ours is a small company with just 6 staff and we don't have any previous major experience in releasing our own software and releasing it. But we have managed to complete the major modules of the...
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