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    Intel 915gm Video Problems - System Lock not video stutter

    ok sorry but a quick update. it seems to be connected to the Wireless card. if i install both updates it locks up. either one is fine, but not both
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    Intel 915gm Video Problems - System Lock not video stutter

    I know there are a lot of topics on this already, but mine isn't anything I have seen. I have a Toshiba Satellite M45. It has the 915 chipset. as soon as the windows update version runs. The Computer will not boot up,. it locks at the windows shwoosh part of the boot. any ideas or has any one...
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    Photo Gallery

    I am not fond of this change. i have been using the Vista photo viewer and fixing all my pics with great ease and i love it, now i am not so sure. i played a little with the live version, but the one in Vista is perfect. i hope MS decides to bring back the "fix" option
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    Windows 7 won't recognize any videodevice on IEEE

    Same problems here. however I somehow got them to work on 7 x32, but then tried on 7 x64. Then as fate would allow, when i came back to 7 x32 again no luck. I am using Avid Liquid Pro, and whats odd is it will let me control the camera, stop play rewind and such, but will not allow the A/V...
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