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    Select websites won't load using variety of browsers

    Select websites won't load using variety of browsers Operating System: Windows 7 Browsers: Firefox and Chrome Laptop. Issue: A handfull of websites that I like to access, will not load on a regular basis with either browser. There is no page error. The header does load, not the rest of page...
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    Laptop-related ethernet connection issue

    Laptop is not connecting via ethernet on multiple providers, with different routers, at different addresses. Supposed its something with the computer itself that is the issue, but no idea what. Wifi works. Thanks so much for your help. Connection shows up as "Unidentified network, no internet...
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    No Ethernet Access with multiple providers

    Hi. I would really like a hand with this. I am able to connect to the internet via WIFI, but I need to connect to the internet VIA the wired internet ( For ZOIP quality ). I had a great connection for a year, and now I can no longer connect. I am currently trying the internet at another...
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