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  1. livix07

    New user - general philosophy on program installation.

    IF they are set so.
  2. livix07

    needs windows 7 x 64 iso link

    Check this link: Download Windows 7 Disc Images (ISO Files)
  3. livix07

    New user - general philosophy on program installation.

    From my point of view, the most important thing about installing programs is to make sure they don't contain malware, therefore you should scan them with an antivirus or several antiviruses. In regards to slow system and "clogging up the registry", you must get used to disk defragmentation and...
  4. livix07

    Need Help formatting Linux HDD Using Windows Computer

    Since you cannot see the disk listed in File Explorer you need a third party software to format the external disk. Download Gparted live-cd, write it onto a CD/USB and boot it while the external disk is connected to that computer. This is a video tutorial on Gparted(there are more on YouTube):
  5. livix07

    StrTrail.txt Error. Any help is appreciated.

    Since you have already tried different things that only made the situation worse, I think it is wiser to run a Linux live-DVD/USB in order to save the important files you have on that computer and then just reinstall Windows using the latest available ISO file. You can find it here: Download...
  6. livix07

    Cat 5 works on one desktop but not another

    The wall sockets and the RJ45 connector look OK and since you have already mentioned that the other computer works well, it means the problem is rather on the AMD computer's side. I've forgot to ask if the Network Adapter is enabled (on the AMD computer). Please right-click on the start menu...
  7. livix07

    Wifi will not connect automatically

    You are an encouragement and a good example for us. Congratulations!:worship: You must run the commands in OPTION FIVE as administrator. Please launch Command Prompt as administrator by following this video tutorial and then issue the commands as in my previous message: If you need direct...
  8. livix07

    Cat 5 works on one desktop but not another

    Please take a clear picture of the connectors attached to that CAT5 cable (as in the image below) and of the wall socket and post them here on the forum so that we can take a look at them. Normally, the connectors attached to the cable should have the same wiring scheme in your case (the wires...
  9. livix07

    Remove duplicate default program entry

    Please try these solutions:
  10. livix07

    Wifi will not connect automatically

    Please follow OPTION FOUR and OPTION FIVE in this tutorial (they are valid for Windows 7 as well): Turn On or Off Connect Automatically to Wireless Network in Windows 10
  11. livix07

    Throttled internet help

    Please check Device Manager and let me know if there are yellow triangles with exclamation marks or question marks displayed. I understand from your previous messages that you have tried 3 different usb wireless adaptors and your computer has an internal wireless card as well. Is that correct?
  12. livix07

    Throttled internet help

    Are there any yellow triangles with exclamation mark on them in Device Manager? Does it happen even when you use other web browsers? Is the latest available driver for your wireless card installed?
  13. livix07

    Small static window appears

    It might be caused by an add-on or even a virus. Does it appear even when you don't use the web browser? what web browser do you use?
  14. livix07

    Windows 10 / Realtek Audio

    Glad for you. Save that driver somewhere so that if a new driver that does not work well will be installed during updates you can use it again.
  15. livix07

    loading old webpages from 2004

    Or you can try a better web browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera...
  16. livix07

    Windows 10 / Realtek Audio

    I have found this on HP forum, read FernandoTerra's post as well (message nr. 7): Re: Headphones plugged in, but speakers are still playing sound --HP ENVY M7-J020DX
  17. livix07

    Virtual box (rc=-5640) Error

    Have you already tried this? • View topic - Diagnosing VirtualBox Hardening Issues
  18. livix07

    Windows 10 Cleanup

    Please read this: Is It Safe to Delete Everything in Windows’ Disk Cleanup?
  19. livix07

    Cortana pops up unasked. How do I stop this please?

    Please make a backup copy of your registry before doing this: Killing Cortana: How to disable Windows 10's info-hungry digital assistant
  20. livix07

    Windows 10 / Realtek Audio

    Did you push the jack of the headphones all the way in? Please right-click on the sound icon when the headphones are connected and tell us what sound options are available. Is the latest driver available for your sound card installed?
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