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  1. J

    Introducing Windows 10 S

    I realise that. Just had to try it, though.
  2. J

    Introducing Windows 10 S

    I tried the "S" version. As said, it is almost exclusively Microsoft software. Tried it on an older laptop where Microsoft had a problem with one of the hardware items. Seeing it was the "S" version, the OS wouldn't let me install the driver from the manufacture. I think it should stay on...
  3. J

    Multiple monitors

    I was hooked one more than one monitor a number of years ago. It is better than virtual desktops. I'm running 3 monitors at one time on my tower, all at 1920x1080. I also have a laptop that runs 1366x768. It is so depressing to have one small screen, when I could be on three screens.
  4. J

    Gimp in Win 10

    I can't afford Adobe Photo-shop. Gimp is the best alternative I know......
  5. J

    Windows 10 actual gadgets

    Hi there. There are gadgets... for Windows 10. I found one in the Store. You'll see it in my third screen... it's the upper one. Had to pay a whole 1.30 for it..:-) It has many options. I love tweaking and twisting the OS, until I have to re-install the dang thing, cause I went too far...
  6. J

    My desktops, Windows OS's

    I have played with windows from Win-3.1, 95a, 95b, 98, 98se, me(crap), 2000pro, xp-(2000 with eye candy), version-7 (best ever). then Windows 8 & 8.1, wanting... Finally Windows 10. But the builds 1511, 6107, 1709, 1803, 1809. I like 1809, despite what others may say it's bad. My MusicBee...
  7. J

    Is it ok to use the external hard drive with usb hub?

    Guys & Gals.... this can bunny-trail to who knows where. Power supply unit can fry a system. I know it happened to me. BUT people who live in rural/farms may have greater problems. "Browning", when you see you're lights dim for just a second, the odd time here or there... is hard on...
  8. J

    Windows 7: The windows security center service cannot be started?

    Really..? Among of the number of suites I tried, it seemed to have the most amount options available to tweak it to my liking., seriously. You'g have to stack a ton on stats for me to dislike it.
  9. J

    Windows 7: The windows security center service cannot be started?

    I was a fan of Comodo Internet Suite. it is an awesome program! It still installs and runs in Windows 7. Now being in Windows 10... I run Bleachbit & Ccleaner at least once a week. So win10's default firewall & antivirus are ok.
  10. J

    Windows 10 Upgrade From Windows 7

    Put a lean version of Linux on it, or recycle it.....?
  11. J

    Is it ok to use the external hard drive with usb hub?

    A laptop generally means your options are few. On a tower/desktop... you could hopefully put in a card that gives you more usb2/3 ports out the back. I've used usb2 hubs in the past. Even printers don't always like them.
  12. J

    Have you guys tried Gimp 2.10 ?

    I am still trying to get to know all the features it has and how to us them. It comes with four themes. This dark one matches the dark theme I'm running in Win10 build 1809.
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