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    audio device is not installed?

    Hi folks, after recovering an image of a partition using Acronis, from a back up I now find myself in the strange position of having no audio? I had a quick look at dell site for what I thought could have been a driver issue, but after DL the correct driver for my machine it won't let me install...
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    login screen

    Hi folks, bit embarrased about this one. After install W7pro to an mSATA drive, I've completely forgot how to remove the login screen when it comes out of hibernation. Im the only user and have already unticked the box reffering to login screen from screensaver, but I'm now suffering...
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    Where is my ODD gone?

    Hi all, I noticed that my DVD drive icon ( D ) is no longer present, in the explorer pane, when i click "my computer" The icon used to be sit between O/S hdd drive ( C ), and hdd drive ( E ) "see screenshot" Normally any files I need to write to disc would be dragged and dropped, and be ready...
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    Video LAN Client

    Hi all, Has anyone had any problems with VLCx64 ? As i noticed, on filehippo that VLC Media Player 64-bit is an experimental version of the program. Download VLC Media Player 2.0.5 (64-bit) - Regards J.Quid
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    Lost Aero Peek

    Hi All, I no longer have "Aero Peek" available, any ideas? Asus/ATI 3450 AGP card, far from fancy but it does the job. W7U 32bit Taskbar and Start Menu properties screen grab attached. Regards
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    dump files + screen + info ?

    hi, I have just been informed by brother that the BSOD happened after "setup.exe" - "googlechromeinstaller" was hogging 99℅ of cpu, in task manager, when for some reason decided to create dump file rather than ending proccess! (he,s a nugget of a boy) should i uninstall chrome? also when system...
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    BSOD - Dump file?

    Hi all. Need some help folks, PC suddenly Blue Screened ? and from what i caught off screen it appears to be something to do with creating or filling dump file as it displays 1-100% quickly ? then reboots, starts up and after say about 3mins it blue screens again and goes thru proccess again ...
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    RE: folder appeared on NAS ?

    Hi all, I use a LG N2A2 NAS within my home network along with various other wireless gadgets and external HDDs attached to main desktop PC. When i checked my NAS for a file, i noticed a new network folder "Seagate usb-1" along with Multimedia,My SQL, Service, Share etc.... when clicking on my...
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    ATI ccc wont run ??

    Hi all, Any ideas why the ATI "CCC" wont run, when i select it from context menu on desktop or from Catalyst Control Center folder via start menu. HD 3650 GPU ?? Regards JQ Full Machine specs above or below maybes ♣
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    Blu ray issues on ACER

    Hi, ACER 6530G I seem to have read a bit about this, and it seems to be a problem on certain Acer machines, with the SONY "Optiarc BC5500-S" BD-ROM and Acer Arcade Deluxe Software. "not sure of versions" Some folk say use a certain version of Acer's software,others say flash the firmware of...
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    HDD Partition ?

    Hi folk, Bought an Acer 6530G in '08, it came with Vista ^o) Pre-installed on C:\ and D:\ was for backup/data etc... However i now have W7 Utl on C and W8CP on D and all is well.. But i would like to know: If the hidden partition named PQ_SERVICE only gets used with a set of Recovery DVDs i...
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    Windows 8 RP install ?

    Hi folks, I have Windows 7 on partition C:\ and Windows 8 CP on partition D:\ its set up to boot by default into 7 from both O/S's. I would like to install Windows 8 RP/RC on D:\ but when running the set up i don't get the option of where to install it, and i'm slightly worried it will just...
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    Windows 8 CR on VHD ?

    Hi all, I'm curious to know if i'll run into any issues by installing/upgrading to W-8CR on the -XP mode- VHD within W7 Ultimate ☺ The reason i ask is it i already have 4 partitions on C:\ and space on my external drives is crammed. just looking for quick /easy way to have a peak at the latest...
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    P.E. install ?

    Hi all, I own a copy of W7U, and when i boot get offered the option of; 1 : Earlier version of Windows 2 : Windows 7 3 : Recovery Console I would be very grateful if someone could tell me if i need to install a P.E. as it seems to me that i have this option in the recovery console? If i ever...
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    RE: Original thread closed? no solution?

    Hi all, Just upgraded to Win-7-Utimate 32bit from Vista 32bit, on 2 machines the 1st being a Toshiba L300, the 2nd being another Acer 6530G that i have. Both upgrades seem fine and all is working on both machines except, that my Acer only shows C:\ drive as being present and only show 111GB...
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    RE: missing partition!

    Hi all, Just upgraded to Win-7-Utimate 32bit from Vista 32bit, on 2 machines the 1st being a Toshiba L300, the 2nd being another Acer 6530G that i have. Both upgrades seem fine and all is working on both machines except, that my Acer only shows C:\ drive as being present and only show 111GB...
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    .rar files --grrr..!

    Hi all, I would be very grateful if anyone can recommend a freeware prog for opening/playing .rar files. Also as its a complete movie split into around 110 .rar's, do they have to be joined?
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    Blu ray Digital Bonus Copy's

    Hi all, I have a fair collection of Blu ray Digital Bonus Copies for PC/i Pod/PSP etc... However there were stored on an older machine which has been restored to factory default. Even though i have the copies backed - up, i guess there pretty useless as they display scrambled as i no longer...
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    RE: Xvid or DVD

    Hi all, Can someone tell me if by converting my XviD's to DVD (AUDIO & VIDEO T_S) files,if any quality is lost or gained during re-encoding? I do this so that friends, -a pc can watch them on a normal bog standard DVD player. Someone once described the XviD format as lossy ???
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    RE: Small On Screen Display Problem

    Hi All, I have a problem with my On Screen Display in that, i.e.when i tap the wireless card button on /off or press 2nd function key and F8 to mute/unmute, i no longer get the small OSD that shows quickly over the top of whatever is open to notify you of your hardware/applications controls...
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