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    Temporary profile persisting Problem

    Hi folks , well it has been a while :D ,, hope everyone is ok !! .. well i have 2 users on my Pc laptop , one is administrator with password ( for me) and the other is Guest ( for guests ) ... now ; usually the one who is using the guest profile can't access my data unless he has the...
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    Restor to factory setting

    Hi, i was havin probs with my pc DELL isnpiron 17R ,,it was about missing of some storage drivers ,, i contacted a dell agent ; after he viewed the device manger and trying to reinstall them ,, he couldn't and he told me that i've ghost or something in my registery and i need to do a restore to...
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    what's happen with my ipod

    hello, ,,,, i have dell inspiron 17R with win7 ,, i used to work with my ipod nano and my friend iphone perfectly ........... but now when i plug it into an usb drive ,,, i got connected on the ipod but nothing appear on computer neither on itunes ........ when i go to device manager and then...
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    double prob with windows 7

    HI.... when windows starts i get this 1-Link Removed - Invalid URL 2-Link Removed - Invalid URL the second prb appeared after removing internet explorar 9 which i installed from windows updates the first i don't know how it appeared is there any solutions?????????
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