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  1. Mike

    VPN tracking

    Commercial endpoint security software will usually allow you to track all outbound traffic over client workstations with relative ease. Edge/Internet Explorer should be severely restricted on Windows Server so as to not allow this type of behavior/reduce the attack surface.
  2. Mike


    Please see How to ask for help with a BSOD problem
  3. Mike

    Does Microsoft Even Care About Us, Consumers anymore?

    Software as a service is going to continue at Microsoft and that means fees. And in the absence of any upfront fees, some pretty blatant advertising with lots of "privacy options" and "disclaimers". Apple, Google, Amazon already do this to run services similar to Azure and Office 365. (Basically...
  4. Mike

    Finger print reader setup opens page ?

    Hi, I used to own the good old Dell XPS M1330. It looks like your 1530 is a similar variant of this great old laptop. I did somewhat of a deep dive into one of the links that you described. First of all, I traced this domain to operating out of India, and using, found it to be...
  5. Mike

    Benutzerkonto Administrator spurlos verschwunden

    Thank you for the literal translation. It is possible you do not have administrator access on the system. Is this a standard account? Otherwise, perhaps reinstall the offending app or uninstall it all together.
  6. Mike

    Download Android and iOS Mobile Apps for Windows Forums

    We never did a Windows version of the app because there was never really a demand for it. It was always assumed that someone on Windows Phone could just use the web browser. Similarly with desktop. Unfortunate re: the end of Windows Phone, but not entirely surprised.
  7. Mike

    Tapatalk/ Mobile App Currently... DOWN!

    Support restored now.
  8. Mike

    Scammer Thought I Was Easy Prey

    This was a total scam. Obviously the biggest mistake was calling the number and following any of these instructions. For full security, I personally recommend ESET Smart Security + Malwarebytes on important systems. However, any anti-virus will do, I simply have had in person experiences with...
  9. Mike

    How can I control Drive letters assignments

    Are you assigning the drive letter in Disk Management? This will usually help make it permanent, as opposed to using File Explorer.
  10. Mike

    Tapatalk/ Mobile App Currently... DOWN!

    Still working on restoring access to Tapatalk/WindowsForum mobile app. In the mean time new bug fixes and some features have been introduced in the latest version of the forum software. We are close to a general release (I believe), and when that happens, we should see mainstream support restored.
  11. Mike

    Suggest do not upgrade

    I am sorry to say that if you are talking about Windows Version 1809 than yes.. this (the latest build) still has some major issue that I, and several others, have been looking at. We don't see stuff like missing files, but strange power management issues and occasional system-crashing errors...
  12. Mike

    Thanks for the URL. Discord is down :(

    Thanks for the URL. Discord is down :(
  13. Mike

    Tapatalk/ Mobile App Currently... DOWN!

    It is up to Tapatalk to future proof their API. During the last major upgrade to XF, there was no compatibility to be found even then for quite a long time. We can not stop progress just so that Tapatalk can monetize on ideas and entire websites that aren't even theres with minimal investment in...
  14. Mike

    Tapatalk/ Mobile App Currently... DOWN!

    Hello, As we are currently running a beta version of the forum software, there are some new features. However, the new version has caused problems with the Tapatalk API, and thusly, both connections from Tapatalk and the mobile application are currently bugged. We do not have a...
  15. Mike

    I can't install Microsoft apps.

    This should be related to Windows Update and not necessarily the "Windows Store". You need to reset Windows Update.
  16. Mike

    I can't install Microsoft apps.

    It goes without saying that Windows 10 has turned into a mess. Not sure what is going on at Microsoft, but the latest string of updates seem to be approaching some shaky ground. Sorry this has happened to you. @shripriya this seems to be the same guidance that @kemical gave and it did not...
  17. Mike

    Windows 7 So What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Red Dead Redemption 2 although I currently lack any screenshots Here is one taken with my in game camera
  18. Mike

    GTSU.. thanks for your spam/troll report. Action has been taken.

    GTSU.. thanks for your spam/troll report. Action has been taken.
  19. Mike

    What password do I need for this? (picture included)

    Hah. There used to be a way to mark threads as solved or "best answer" but nobody really used it. :)
  20. Mike

    FAT32 Format

    Mike submitted a new resource: FAT32 Format - Quickly convert exFAT or NTFS back to FAT32 Read more about this resource...
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