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  1. Hermitkrab

    Dual boot question

    I've been trying to set up a virtual machine on both of my PC's to no avail since they don't have sufficient RAM (only 6 GB). I'm thinking my other recourse is to set up a dual boot system. I've never done that before. Are there any caveats to be aware of? I don't want to mess up the current W10...
  2. Hermitkrab

    My Computer Doesn't "See" External Hard Drives

    Toshiba laptop, W10 Home, Ver 1803 I have 2 external hard drives. When I plug either of them into a USB port I hear the normal beep sound, indicating they've been recognized but they don't automatically play, even though auto play is enabled . They don't even show up in "this PC", as if they...
  3. Hermitkrab

    Needed to Uninstall VPN to Access Internet

    Windows 10 Home, version 1803 Now this is strange. I've been using Nord VPN without difficulty. All of a sudden, I lost my Internet connection. Thinking it may have been caused by Nord, I shut it off. Still no go. After spending about an hour with an IP tech, we decided to try completely...
  4. Hermitkrab

    Difficulty Refreshing PC

    Toshiba laptop W10 Home, version 1803 Hi, all. I'm trying to refresh my PC and getting message: "Cannot find recovery environment. Insert your Windows installation or recovery media and restart with the media." I've done a refresh in the past and it went ahead automatically. I thought the info...
  5. Hermitkrab

    Yahoo Mail Problems

    Lately, I'm having difficulty reaching my Yahoo mail accounts. I get a message: "Can't reach this page". I'm wondering if anyone else is also having difficulties. Fortunately, I have other email providers (Hotmail, Gmail and Proton mail). Rarely, Yahoo will work normally. I've tried shutting...
  6. Hermitkrab

    Annoying Chrome Pop-Up Ad

    I'm getting a lot of annoying pop-up ads from Chrome browser while I'm browsing in the Edge browser, which I use most of the time. I have Chrome installed on my other laptop, and it's an OK browser. However, I use Edge and sometimes Firefox on my 2nd laptop and don't care to be bombarded by...
  7. Hermitkrab

    Dead Laptop Mysteriously Comes to life

    A while back I started a thread concerning my Toshiba laptop. One day it worked fine. Next day it wouldn’t even turn on, using either AC or battery. Even the light on the front, showing connection to AC, remained unlit. Yep, she was completely dead. So, I went and bought a new HP laptop but kept...
  8. Hermitkrab

    Battery still charging afterv reaching 100%

    My PC: HP laptop, Windows 10 home, version 1709 I have a question, not a problem. When I'm plugged in to AC and the battery reaches 100% charge, the battery meter shows it's still charging. Is this any reason for concern? Thanks.
  9. Hermitkrab

    'One Drive' file not Working Correctly

    My computer: HP laptop, Windows 10, ver 1709. Hi, guys. Here's what happens: When I click on 'OneDrive' it opens up OK and displays my saved folders. However, when I click on any individual folder within 'One Drive' I get this message: "we can't open this file right now. Make sure One Drive is...
  10. Hermitkrab

    Checking Battery Health

    Toshiba Satellite laptop, Windows 10, ver 1709 I've noticed something strange concerning my battery's state of charge. When I run my PC, the battery always stops charging at 80%, which is normal for my device. However, when I start my PC a short time later, same day, the battery indicator in...
  11. Hermitkrab

    Thwarting Key Loggers

    Hi, guys. I'm wondering if by using the on screen keyboard I can avoid key loggers. I've been using OSK for typing passwords when accessing my banking sites and so far all has been OK. I just want expert opinion. Thanks. BTW, I also use a VPN.
  12. Hermitkrab

    How to Restore Erased Bookmarks in Edge Browser Following PC Reset?

    Hello, Guys. I recently restored my PC and lost all bookmarks in my Edge Browser (shoulda backed 'em up). Is there any way to restore them? Thanks. Toshiba laptop Windows 10, version 1709
  13. Hermitkrab

    Sneaky Chinese Program: WPS Office, how to remove?

    Somehow this program was installed on my computer without my permission. It doesn't show up in any program list for uninstallation. I did manage to locate WPS in 'services' and disabled it. Still, I'd like to get rid of it entirely. I Googled and found instructions for removal, but it doesn't...
  14. Hermitkrab

    Can't Enable Bluetooth

    Hello, all. I recently purchased a Canon printer, which has wireless capabilities. However, I can't find any button in the notification area of my PC that says Bluetooth. I know one is supposed to be there, but don't remember if it ever was. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Toshiba satellite...
  15. Hermitkrab

    Malwarebytes (free) Question

    I run occasional manual scans with Malewarebytes (free version). While on the Web, I got a pop up today from Malwarebytes telling me it had caught one malware. It found a Trojan (DNS changer) on my computer and I immediately quarantined it. I thought the free version had to be used manually...
  16. Hermitkrab

    Browser Experimentation

    Out of curiosity, I’ve been experimenting with various browsers. My usual browser is Edge, which I find quite satisfactory I’ve also tried Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, Comodo Dragon, Firefox Quantum, Yandex, and others, but I always come back to Edge...after all. It doesn’t give me a problem. As an...
  17. Hermitkrab

    Sign-in Hassel while Using a VPN

    I'm using Nord VPN and Edge Browser currently and happy with the combination. However, when I try to sign in to my g mail accounts I need to enter a code sent to my phone to verify it's actually me. The same happens to online banking. I suspect the reason is that the VPN assigns a different IP...
  18. Hermitkrab

    Annoying Malwerebytes Pop-up

    I'm running the free version of MBAM (was paid version trial originally) and getting a pop-up every time I start my computer trying to get me to return to the paid version. Is there any way to stop this annoying pop-up from showing up every time I start my PC? Thanks.
  19. Hermitkrab

    Laptop Battery, Extending Life

    I have aToshiba Satellite laptop. It's used mainly plugged in. For those times I'd like to use it unplugged, I want to extend the battery's life as much as possible since this model laptop has a battery that is very hard to replace by the average user. Is it good policy to run it only on...
  20. Hermitkrab

    Computer Doesn't Recognize External HDD

    Hello friends. I was trying to create a system image backup, using Windows own backup tool. I connect my 1 TB external HDD and select "use this drive" and the "select" button is greyed out and non-clickable. How do I get my PC to recognize this drive? The disk is formatted and completely empty...
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