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  1. Kylethedarkn

    Using two sets of speakers for audio output?

    Hello. I am trying to connect to sets of speakers to my computer. My sound card has multiple outputs, and I get all speakers to output with the test option in playback devices, but I can't actually make anything use all 4 speakers, they only use the two front speakers. I would like both speakers...
  2. Kylethedarkn

    USB 2.0 Ports on Motherboard Sometimes Stop Working

    So here's my problem. Sometimes when I'm using the computer the peripherals I have plugged into any USB 2.0 slots freeze up and the ports seem to not work with anything. The USB 3.0 slots work fine even when the USB 2.0 don't, and the mouse and keyboard work fine in the 3.0 slots, so it's not...
  3. Kylethedarkn

    Delay In Accessing Hard Drives?

    Hello, I've been having a problem for a while now that I've decided should probably be fixed, and it is this. Whenever I go to access a hard drive, that isn't my SSD, I'll click on it or a program will try to open files from it, and nothing will happen for a few seconds, then I hear the HD's...
  4. Kylethedarkn

    Looking For Some Advice On Purchasing An Android Or Windows Tablet.

    Currently I'm attending college and I'm looking for a tablet that I can carry with me that has the following features. Ability to display my e-text books. I should be able to convert them all to a pdf, so I really just need it to display pdfs well. Full internet experience. Browser + Flash +...
  5. Kylethedarkn

    Network Monitoring Program?

    So now that I'm at college I have an 8gb per week upload cap. I can check my upload usage via an online checker they have, however it saying I'm uploading way more than I am. I'll upload 5mb and it will think its 500mb. I'm looking for a program that can track the upload bandwidth of...
  6. Kylethedarkn

    More than two montiors?

    I'm on an Asus gaming laptop with a Geforce GTX 260M and I'm looking to extend my desktop onto two additional screen. However it seems that Windows 7 limits you to two screens at a time. I was wondering if there is anyway around that?
  7. Kylethedarkn

    Power Supply, or Motherboard fried?

    So a few days ago, I was using my desktop when all of a sudden i heard a click sound from inside the case. Immediately upon clicking the computer turned off. I then smelled the lovely but horrifying smell of burning electronics, at which point I unplugged the computer. After I while I tried...
  8. Kylethedarkn

    Magic Disappearing Internal Network Card ( Asus G72GX-RBBX05 )

    Well this is a weird circumstance I've found. So I purchased an open box Acer G72GX the other day and noticed when I got home that the internal network card wasn't working. No driver and it wasn't even listed in Device Manager as existing. I figured whatever, I'll try installing a clean...
  9. Kylethedarkn

    Display turns off won't come back on w/o a restart (Sleep Mode and Display Set to Never)

    Ok so I've been working with this old computer putting on Win7 on it and at one point I had it on with everything working. However i had installed Win7 on a noisy HD and so the person I was fixing it up for wanted me to switch it out, so I swapped the drives and reinstalled Win7. Now when left...
  10. Kylethedarkn

    Windows 7 Steam 26% Update Error

    So now that portal is free, I went to go download it. However when I went to open steam it loaded the updater, got to 26% and gave me this error: Link Removed due to 404 Error I have been able to repeat that error by reinstalling Steam. Otherwise when I try and run it, it loads the updater...
  11. Kylethedarkn

    ODBC32.dll Problem. Can't use important system processes.

    So one day I decided to open up paint to paste a screenshot I took and got an error about ODBC32.dll not working. I just ignored it. Then today I realize that important things like msconfig, and Computer Management also use this dll file, so stupidly I tried replacing it with a copy from another...
  12. Kylethedarkn

    Overclocking Memory and Motherboard?

    Is there a noticeable increase in performance with overclocking of Memory and Motherboard, and if there is how would I go about doing it and at what intervals.... My motherboard, and memory names are in my specs drop down thingy. :P
  13. Kylethedarkn

    Anybody up for a ridiculous challenge?

    Never mind Tried a different network card and got updates. Yay!!! This Thread Can Be Deleted.
  14. Kylethedarkn

    ID3 Tags won't display in explorer

    So I was going to change one of my songs ID3 tags the other day and I realized that not only do the ID3 tags not display in window's explorer, but they also don't show up in the details tab under properties. Also they are unchangeable via the properties details tab. I did a little looking on...
  15. Kylethedarkn

    The Hard Working Card Reader...

    Ok, so I bought a no name internal universal card reader for my computer when I was building it. When I first installed it everything worked fine and it could read all of my cards. Now the activity light is constantly on and the only slot on the card reader that works is the usb port. I...
  16. Kylethedarkn

    So I have Windows 7 Build 7600 Do I need to upgrade?

    Yeah, I currently have Windows 7 Build 7600, so is there any difference between this one and the final released version of Windows 7. I know this one expires early next year, but other than that is there a difference?
  17. Kylethedarkn

    How to gain Complete Admin Access?

    I need to replace a file in System 32 for one of my programs to work, but for some reason it's telling me I need permission to do it. I tried changing my permissions for the system32 folder but apparently my Admin status isn't high enough to do that. So how do I gain complete control over...
  18. Kylethedarkn

    Power Supply Good Enough For a HD 5870?

    So I'm looking to get a 5870 when the prices go down, but I have a very unknown brand power supply thats only 550W. PowerUp GEN-2004 - power supply - 550 Watt Power Supplies reviews - CNET Reviews That's the one. I was wondering if it could handle a 5870 and the rest of my comp, or if I...
  19. Kylethedarkn

    Looking to overclock a Q6600 a bit.

    So I've never overclocked anything before, so I'm really looking for some detailed help in overclocking my Q6600, which is an Intel 2 Quad Core 2.4GHZ for those who don't know model numbers. Anyways I've been told that multiple cores are really only any good for 64 bit software and seeing as a...
  20. Kylethedarkn

    Any chance of repairing these corrupt files?

    I was using GParted to grow a partition and about 5% into the grow process I canceled it, because it was taking an amazingly long time to do 30+ estimated hours for a 140gb grow...seemed ridiculous to me. Anyways after I restarted chkdsk ran and went through the HD and finished and then windows...
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