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  1. blackmagicislam

    Slow computer

    impressive knowledge you are shared.
  2. blackmagicislam

    Connection Status Utility?

    thanks for share your knowledge
  3. blackmagicislam

    Window 10 Draw backs

    What is draw back of Window 10
  4. blackmagicislam

    Introducing Windows 10 S

    Why is not supported?
  5. blackmagicislam

    Fully turn off display on 0 brightness.

    very low brightness , its not easy to see and work.
  6. blackmagicislam

    Command line apps disappearing

    thank to share your knowledge
  7. blackmagicislam

    Window 8 Installation

    any version not one
  8. blackmagicislam

    About Window 10

    What about Window 10?
  9. blackmagicislam

    Wrong Driver

    Thanks to give advice
  10. blackmagicislam

    How to delete account?

    impressive knowledge you are shared.
  11. blackmagicislam

    Window 8 Installation

    step for window 8 Installation?
  12. blackmagicislam

    Locked out of computer forever?

    Click "CTRL + ALT + DEL" twice at the login screen. Select the user Administrator and just leave the password field blank. This will usually unlock the administrator account and let the user login.
  13. blackmagicislam

    Identification of Desktop Picture

    Windows 10 customers can now get Desktop Themes from Microsoft Store.
  14. blackmagicislam

    how to recover forgotten wifi password

    Will any explain step by step in text?
  15. blackmagicislam

    Buying new pc with win10

    I have used new PC with win10 but my experience of using window 10 was not good
  16. blackmagicislam

    Whatsapp for pc issue

    I will post my error But I m in office When I come back from my office then I will send you a screenshot
  17. blackmagicislam

    Whatsapp for pc issue

    I do not aware this error when I install WhatsApp on my pc and WhatsApp icon show on the centre of the screen then that time shows the error of system log I checked this system log it is just a simple coding can i reinstall my WhatsApp on pc app
  18. blackmagicislam

    Whatsapp for pc issue

    Recently I download WhatsApp for pc it is approximately 125 MB when I install this software then it shows error in the system log currently, I using window 10 x86 what i do
  19. blackmagicislam

    Windows 7 network icon shows "not connected", but I'm connected

    Ok,... you still net not working is your internetwork with another handheld devices ????
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