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  1. Josephur

    Icons changed

    Looks like One Drive to me?
  2. Josephur

    Windows 10 Cleanup

    Note for people, Disk Cleanup has changed in the recent versions of Windows 10 and now has an option to clear your Downloads folder. I've found a lot of users have stuff they want to keep long term in their Downloads folder, therefore we do not check this option when running disk cleanup on...
  3. Josephur

    Don't Understand One Drive function

    It's a cloud service, and it's full not your ssd :)
  4. Josephur

    Selective selections...

    Windows 10 still has the check boxes, they only appear when you hover over an item: If you've turned them off then the option is under the View tab, called Item Check Boxes Alternatively you can hold down the CTRL key as you click around on files to select only certain ones.
  5. Josephur

    Mouse pointer shows up on part of the screen

    Try plugging in a regular USB mouse and disabling the trackpad on the laptop to see if it goes away then.
  6. Josephur

    Help me install Office on another directory

    What version of Office are you attempting to install? It may require you to make a custom install file/script to force it to go elsewheres. But usually is not that hard to figure out.
  7. Josephur

    windows server 2008 starts up with integrated RAID exception detected: volume (00:000) is currently in state degraded enter SAS configuration utility

    Most likely means that one of the hard drives in the array has fell out. Could be the drive is going bad, could be the array just needs rebuilt. If you go into your SAS configuration you can probably find more details.
  8. Josephur

    Mouse pointer shows up on part of the screen

    Also make sure any other type of Joystick is not plugged in (like an XBOX controller)
  9. Josephur

    Mouse pointer shows up on part of the screen

    Do you use Discord, if so is the Overlay option enabled?
  10. Josephur

    Mouse pointer shows up on part of the screen

    What kind of mouse are you using, does it have it's own special app for settings, etc?
  11. Josephur

    HELP - Idiot Msft Tech Fudged Up My PC

    I would be interested in how you contacted Microsoft, what phone number you used exactly. Or did they contact you? (if you were contacted by Microsoft you were scammed, they don't contact users)
  12. Josephur

    HELP - Idiot Msft Tech Fudged Up My PC

    Are you 100% sure you were talking to Microsoft? There are an awful lot of tech support scams out there! Windows 10 will create an MSR Reserved partition, Recovery Partition, System Partition, And then your Primary one, however you seem to have an extra one... not sure what's going on there...
  13. Josephur

    How to delete account?

    If you don't want to go through Windows 10 new interface to manage accounts, you can click on Start, Type in Run, click on Run and type in "control userpasswords2" and hit enter. You can easily and quickly add/remove accounts this way.
  14. Josephur

    Windows 7: The windows security center service cannot be started?

    Comodo seems to offer ok protection but I've seen it's uninstall hose more than a fair share of my customers systems so I don't recommend it.
  15. Josephur

    Windows 10 Upgrade From Windows 7

    The expectations of getting Intel 4000 graphics series working (at least well) under Windows 10 is low. Most likely you will not find a driver that works, or will have to force one to install using Comparability mode and perhaps it will work for basic tasks. I hate to tell you this but if a...
  16. Josephur

    Learned something new, that's useful!

    It certainly is not best practice to rename bmps to ico's. The Icon format is different, and contains a dataset for multiple icon sizes etc. It may functionally work in some places, but it's not correct ;) You certainly should not use this when making a favicon for a website as some browser...
  17. Josephur

    Major errors after update

    Back in I think version 1709 some AMD based computers had issues with the USB controller driver, but I have not heard of it in the last few updates. If the computer has PS2 maybe your in luck and can remove the USB controller from device manager and force it to reinstall...
  18. Josephur

    Major errors after update

    The compression shouldn't be the issue... sounds like the update went horribly wrong somewhere. I'd suggest using the Windows Media Creation Tool to either download and burn an ISO file to reinstall Windows from, or create a USB stick. Don't boot from the media, get back into your desktop and...
  19. Josephur

    Windows 7: The windows security center service cannot be started?

    First off I would do some scanning for Malware and Viruses as it sounds like something happened to your system, and some rogue programs target the security center. Quick scans you can run: ADWCleaner Malwarebytes HitmanPro Let them remove any offending files, then the quickest repair will be...
  20. Josephur

    Is it possible to run a Perl script

    Your welcome, If your script is going to be mass distributed between different possible distributions I highly recommend learning fork.
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