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    Network help please!

    I have 2 PCs setup with the same version of Windows 7 Ultimate, both with wired connections to my BT home hub 2 router. 1 PC I have no issues with: I use windows explorer to network, and also access from work and mobile using both VNC and Remote Desktop. The other PC, as far as I can tell set...
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    Remote Connection help

    I wonder if someone can help? I have been using Win 7 for a while now on my main PC, and Vista on my HTPC (both x64). I have had tightvnc installed on both, as well as a vncviewer on my cellphone. Thia has meant I could login to either PC from my mobile or from work etc. However, I decided to...
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    I want to be able to see the size of a folder or file when I hover the mouse over it, but it doesn't seem to work. I have the option 'display folder size information in folder tips' selected... Is there something I'm missing? Ideally I'd like to display folder size in the column like you can...
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    Not staying on top?

    I installed win 7 recently, and have used both gadgets and rocketdock. I have set all 3 of my gadgets, and rocketdock to stay on top. However, they don't always stay on top. After a restart, and every-so-often, other stuff takes over (eg firefox). If I click on them, they then stay on top...
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