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  1. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 "Group Administrator" ???

    That is part of the GPOs for Google chrome. You'll need to delete the policies. Press [Windows key + r] In the run box type regedit and press enter Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies Under policies will be a key (keys look like folders) called Google Select the 'Google' key and...
  2. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 "Group Administrator" ???

    You typed the command twice.
  3. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 "Group Administrator" ???

    On Windows 10 you can just press [Windows key + shift + S] to do a screen capture then just press ctrl + v in the resply box on this site (were you type). To open a powershell prompt, click the start button and type powershell and click on "Windows Powershell". The text file mentioned will be...
  4. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 "Group Administrator" ???

    Post a screenshot of the block screen. That will help determine if it's a Windows feature or third party tool blocking it. Also copy and paste the following into a powershell prompt and upload the policy.txt file created on the desktop. Get-ChildItem HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Policies -Recurse -Force |...
  5. Neemobeer

    Fastest Way to Take a Non Full Screen Capture

    I always feel like it's a good idea to continue to learn even if it's such a minor thing as taking a fast screen shot. The benefit of this method is it allows you to screen capture just what you need to and automatically adds it to the clipboard for pasting. Simply press the key combo [Windows...
  6. Neemobeer

    Why Local Security Authority Subsystem Service can't be deactivated

    lsass is responsible for authentication, token creation and security checks it's considered a critical process and you should never try to kill it. It will also kill access to the winlogon process which will cause the system to reboot. Blurb from Windows Internals Another, you can see how it...
  7. Neemobeer

    How to Find wifi password on windows 7

    Yes it is possible depending upon the type of ciphering and standards and some features make it easier but it is not legal and we won't share that kind of information nor should you try and break into a network you don't own or have the express permission of the owner.
  8. Neemobeer

    Hyperthreading .....

    If it has an Intel CPU then yes it most likely supports HT if it's an AMD no it does not have HT since it's Intel proprietary technology but will have SMT (simultaneous multi threading) which is the equivalent technology that allows for more than one thread of execution per CPU core
  9. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 "Group Administrator" ???

    Unfortunately no they are paid only.
  10. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 "Group Administrator" ???

    I use Webroot or another really good one is Cylance.
  11. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 "Group Administrator" ???

    Boot into safe mode Navigate to C:\Windows\System32 Click View > Options > Change folder and search option Click the View tab Scroll down and uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" and click apply Back in the File explorer locate and rename the "GroupPolicy" directory to...
  12. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 "Group Administrator" ???

    Which edition of Windows 10 is this? Home, Pro etc
  13. Neemobeer

    Local account, Microsoft app and disconnection from Microsoft account

    I don't use any of the apps from the store but I believe they will run even if you remove the store account; however, I don't think those apps will receive updates.
  14. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 Unable to install the program

    I would look in the application log in event viewer there may be error messages recorded there.
  15. Neemobeer

    Network Settings "Unexpected error" while changing DNS

    DNS changes should not require a restart. Did you look in the event log to see if there are any more verbose errors?
  16. Neemobeer

    Just got a message saying that I should download the Widows Update Tool and update Windows?

    Yeah that's just the semi annual feature update (aka new build 1803, 1809, 1903... etc)
  17. Neemobeer

    Samba Share Errors

    Well ssh and SMB shares are two different things. I'd say you'd need to wireshark the traffic for smb and smbv2 to see what is failing exactly.
  18. Neemobeer

    unexpected error message

    It means your hard drive is failing and will need to be replaced. Buy a hard drive of equal or larger size and download clonezilla and follow the clone disk-to-disk tutorial and provided the disk isn't too far gone you should be able to clone it and keep everything as it is without a clean...
  19. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 Aministrator Deleted

    Have to use a friends computer or public computer. No way around that
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