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    Recover lost data

    I had to clean install yesterday and rightfully so, i lost all of my date from drive (D). Now, i would like to know how to recover any of this data after formatting? (How do i make my internal HDD become a slave and therefore readable and able to recover data?)
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    Upgrade help

    I have windows 8 pro and i want to upgrade to windows 8.1 final. However, the upgrade doesn't show up in the store for me. I have made sure that all of the windows updates are installed to make sure all of the patches are installed, but no luck. Any help? or, do i need to clean install a...
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    On my sony VAIO duo 11 windows 8, I have a virus that makes everything a "shortcut" especially on my flash drives. The problem is, I want to reinstall windows from the recovery partition that's on the HDD. However, every time I try to copy the recovery partition onto a flash drive, it copies...
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    having problems with installing windows 32 on 64 bit machine

    Can you please help me find the drivers for either the LAN or WLAN for for this model but with the exception of the newly installed 32 bit version of windows 7 ? I am at a loss for these drivers, and i need some help ASAP. I have did everything i can with the limited knowledge that i possess...
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    having problems with installing windows 32 on 64 bit machine

    I have a toshiba satelite c655 s5212 64 bit system. It came with a factory 64 bit OS, but i reinstalled windows 7 with the 32 bit Operating system and now i cant find the LAN driver, WLAN driver,. Can someone help me with so answers ?
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    wont allow install and downloads

    Helpppppp pleaseeeeee
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    wont allow install and downloads

    I have a fresh install of windows vista 3 days ago. Ever since,,,CERTAIN downloads would install and some would not even download. I am bewildered at the reason WHY this would happen. Like i said,,,some programs does download and install and some would download ONLY, and some would NOT download...
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    TCP disable

    This is the message i keep getting everytime i run Cane & Abel ! How can i get my program to run ?
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    TCP disable

    No answer ?
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    TCP disable

    Well, i am trying to run this program called Cane & Abel ! Everytime i try to run it,,,it says,,,please disable your TCP first before proceeding ! Any help ?
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    TCP disable

    I want to know how to disable the TCP on my windows 7 ? Can someone help ? step by step ?
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    windows DvD maker file format

    70 views,,,,,where is the answers today ?
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    windows DvD maker file format

    after working on a video project in Windows DVD maker,,,,after saving,,,,the file is saved as a PROJECT with the (.MSDVD) extention ! Meaning,,i can't watch it anywhere else except on the Win DVD Maker ! However, i am already done with it and want it to have a regular file extention for use...
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    Administrator Privalages

    How can i see if the OS has a copy of the ADMINISTRATOR Password written in the computer files ? The computer in question belongs to me, but my brother set up the guest account wrong ! And, i cannot get a hold of him ! Anyways, i would like to retrieve the admin password and re-set up the...
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    Administrator Privalages

    How do i give myself Administrator privaleges on a guest account ! I am trying to acquire full control and turn my guest account into an admin account ! Any EASY way of acquiring such a task ? The OS in question is a Vista
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    Low Windows 7 32bit experience index

    If you had a PC with changeable processors and other hardware,,,you would be able to benefit from a higher index point ! But, unfortunately, you have a laptop with no changeable hardware ! I am afraid you are stuck with the results you are seeing ! The Windows Experience Index measures the...
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    Issues with Flash Player on Windows 7

    Check your firewall, and UAC (user account control) settings !
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    Window 7 problems and lack of training

    I find Google very helpful in this circumstance ! I use it for many of these reasons ! Good luck
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    BSOD on clean win7 install (Ubuntu 10 was fine)

    Make sure your HDD settings in BIOS are correct and that you have the latest driver for it (AHCI) for example !
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    Windows 7 Stuck at Shutdown - HP Pavilion dv3

    Run ANti-Malewarbytes ! Update the virus database and run it ! I bet you find something causing this problem ! Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET
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