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  1. Joey1394

    New Drive

    To help, there are so many questions here for us who are reading this..... Is the previous drive with Windows 10 still hooked up? Then the system will see it, and want to go to it. If you want to put Windows 10 on a new drive, the best of course is a new install. BUT back up your stuff...
  2. Joey1394

    White theme in Windows 10

    I am running the White theme in Windows 10. Mind you inside the 1903 build, which is possible with the Insider Program. I was tired of trying to get all things white. I became a Insider. I have been stripping the menu from all the tiles for some time. Also, disable live-tiles too. The...
  3. Joey1394

    Which Anti-Virus do You Use?

    I'm surprised that you don't have Comodo Internet Security as a option. It is crazy tweakable. Plus the HIPs section is great for control..!
  4. Joey1394

    Window 10 Draw backs

    There's good & bad to every operating system, including Windows. It would take too long to go through them all. That is why the forums are here..:-)
  5. Joey1394

    Ccleaner update

    Cleaner has some unique pluses. But I prefer Bleachbit for a custom thorough cleaning.
  6. Joey1394

    Windows 10 Going mad turning off highlighted misspelled

    Settings>Language>Spelling, typing, & keyboard settings. There is SPELLING, TYPING, HARDWARE-KEYBOARD. Adjust to your heart's content.
  7. Joey1394

    Issue Dual-Booting and Installing 2nd Windows 10

    I have never had a reason to have two installs of Windows 10 on one computer. There is bound to be someone smart that will come along...:-)
  8. Joey1394

    Windows 10 Dual boot issue and need help?

    To the best of my knowledge... when you create a new partition table, ALL partitions/data is gone.
  9. Joey1394

    pen drives

    I dual-boot between Windows-10 and a Linux OS. So I don't use exFAT, because Linux doesn't support it. It comes with restrictive license which doesn't allow open-source operating system to implement it natively. Linux has no problems with NTFS, so I format my usb-sticks with it.
  10. Joey1394

    Linux to Windows

    Wow, when it rains it pours! Never heard of usb-ports not responding. I have a self-built tower plus a laptop for that same reason. A second one in a crunch. Windows 10 is more friendly with available hardware drivers than Windows 7. Even though Win7 is nice, but Win10 just makes more...
  11. Joey1394

    How to Import and export VCF Contact files into Outlook ?

    I don't use Outlook, but just the usual Mail program in Windows 10. I have a contacts.vcf file saved from my Google account on my Android phone. When I double-click on it, it lets me add them one by one (omitting any I wish) to Windows Contacts. I assume Outlook would see them after that...
  12. Joey1394

    Linux to Windows

    That's how I do it each time. Windows doesn't like if I make the partitions before the install with Gparted or other software. I have a 120-gig ssd drive for my Windows-10-pro. It wants a blank hard-drive to start with. Later I can shrink the Windows space if I desire.
  13. Joey1394

    Not waking up from sleep mode

    Thanks. Will give it a try.
  14. Joey1394

    Linux to Windows

    Your attempts have failed to set it up as a GPT partition. Asking... is your system a 64-bit system... if not... you need to be thinking 32-bit system. 32-bit system wants msdos/mbr partition table... NOT gpt. Only a Windows-7-64-bit will install on a GPT partition table hard-drive.
  15. Joey1394

    MEMORY_MANAGEMENT cramping my style

    My board, cpu, ram, etc.. aren't new... as my stats will show. But I made sure that my (2) two pairs of ram on equal colour slots. Even though I have (4) 4-gigs sticks... the same/identical are on (slots 1&3, and the same are on (slots 2& 4) My system rocks with my quad-core & 16-gigs of...
  16. Joey1394

    Window 8 Installation

    I ran Windows 8.1 for about a week. I tweaked the heck out of it, even with after-market software. Windows 10 despite it's flaws... is still better.
  17. Joey1394


    I use it as my main browser. Firefox next, then Edge.
  18. Joey1394

    Does Microsoft Even Care About Us, Consumers anymore?

    Interesting read there, Mike. A lot of stuff is going to cloud, that is true (I've used Dropbox for years, and now Onedrive too). I tried a third party version of Chrome OS on my laptop. Did not like it for it is automatically slower seeing everything is done through a browser, online...
  19. Joey1394

    Windows 10 Dual boot issue and need help?

    I have dual-booted with Windows & Linux for years, and yes, there are times a person wants to delete the Linux partitions in Disk Management, and remove the dual-boot grub. To get rid of the dual-boot Linux puts in and go back to a Windows boot only... At a C-prompt type: bootsect /nt60 C...
  20. Joey1394

    Anyone know how to get rid of Avast antivirus.

    I use Windows 10 & a Linux OS. Booting up with a Linux "live-dvd", then navigate to that nasty Avast folder(s) and delete them.
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