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  1. Maokia


    Interesting! I am very poorly versed in cryptocurrency :( I only know that it can pay for purchases online as they say here there is a lot of useful information. But the rise in the price of Bitcoin is something amazing! So yea! Rise of Bitcoin begins! ;)
  2. Maokia

    Windows 8.1 Fallout 4

    I love this game! :transformer:
  3. Maokia

    AA18-337A: SamSam Ransomware

    ;)Not bad.
  4. Maokia

    Criminals May Ditch Bitcoin for Litecoin, Dash, Study Says

    Its too long :( 12 months...
  5. Maokia

    Windows 8.1 Really Windows 10, The Witcher 3...

    Now came the mods for the game that greatly improved the graphics.