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  1. ussnorway

    disable secure boot

    secure boot and csm are not the same thing on Asus boards "secure boot" normally lives in the [security tab]... try looking in advanced options disable secure boot on Asus boards allows booting from nonstandard i.e, unrecognised drives such as any new usb stick... it doesn't do anything else...
  2. ussnorway

    testing iframes

  3. ussnorway

    Paradox Rome mods: how to get them working on Gog

    Lets assume you have Imperator: Rome on Gog and you want to try some of the mods; step 1 = run the game ui step 2 = press the mods link then the mods on paradox step 3 = you must sign in to your Paradox account... to be clear because Paradox has two different levels of account, you only need...
  4. gog game keys

    gog game keys

    keys are only on the web page not galaxy
  5. ussnorway

    Adobe photoshop 4.0

    give Capture One a try... i used to use it and would do so again if Adobe wasn't better
  6. ussnorway

    Disconnect during absence

    in that case I'd just click the wifi icon and put your laptop into flight mode the only ones doing sneak attack are Microsoft with their updates so flight mode will stop that as well... just click the plane to unlock it again + by law every laptop must have a flight mode option so its a safe...
  7. ussnorway

    Adobe photoshop 4.0

    what kind of work are you doing? Photoshop is a good tool (my goto) but there are other options around which do some of the jobs to be clear, I'm an Adobe ACP so you could say i'm biased
  8. ussnorway

    Windows 10 Error message when copying files after pathway character limit fix

    have you tried using Ubuntu to rename the file path? a screengrab of this folder showing the full path would make your issue clear & no it doesn't make any difference that Ubuntu was used to make the files in the first place... it is designed to talk to Windows
  9. ussnorway

    Is this possible than turning on oven make a 1 second power outage in home? ( playing diablo 1 )

    if i run the washing machine my second screen drops in & out during the spin :cool:
  10. ussnorway

    Task Bar Basically Dead

    yes if you had a second device then unpluged it Windows will not auto reset your screens... it assumes you will plug that second device back in when you want to see what is deplayed on it
  11. ussnorway

    Windows 10 Error message when copying files after pathway character limit fix

    if you copy the music to a root folder instead of a desktop then that should work around the error i.e, something like D:/ Music as your target
  12. ussnorway

    Accesso windows 10

    it is possible to access Windows 10 {local accounts} without password or pins yes... assumes these accounts are set to allow that option it is not possible to access Windows 10 {Microsoft accounts} without password or pin... however you can set the system to auto place the username & password...
  13. Dragons Dogma

    Dragons Dogma

    the book
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    sun sets on our adventuring days
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    Hero of the age
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    faithful sidekick
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    a big flipping help