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  1. Mike

    Windows 10, Version 1903, 19H1, May 2019 Update SuperThread

    HOLY CRAP! It's finally OUT! if you weren't on the Insider Program I think you will have a general performance improvement with this version. Microsoft has also released a new Windows "Health Dashboard" (i.e. KNOWN ISSUES) with this release...
  2. Mike

    Graphic File sizes seem different.

    LOL.. you are replying to a post that is 7 years old. The max file upload size is around 20MB. (And that doesn't even include media gallery uploads)
  3. Mike

    Windows 10 Pro 64bit build 17763.437 hanging to a buzzing noise

    Nobody ever wants to think it could be PSU failure but, sadly, thats been the bane of a lot of systems for a long time. Consider going with EVGA (not an endorsement), but they usually do stand by their products and have a good warranty system and support team. Good on you to break out the test...
  4. Mike

    Steven Black Hosts File causing problems

    I have found HOSTS blocking to be useful in the absence of uBlock Origin or something similar. I haven't implemented MVPS because it can create issues which legitimate content (such as fillable forms and online shopping, etc). But overall it has been quite useful in the past. I would not solely...
  5. Mike

    Welcome to Windows 10 Upgrade and Installation

    You can roll back within 10 days and possibly even extend that period of time using the command line. But your best bet might be a full image backup of your drive before you upgrade. Your concerns may be unwarranted, however, as its usually fairly stable.
  6. Mike

    Windows 10 Pro 64bit build 17763.437 hanging to a buzzing noise

    Did this issue get resolved when you rolled back? If so, wait for 1903, as I believe you will encounter less problems. I looked at your event logs and there are just unanticipated crashes over and over. It could be a problem with your chipset drivers. There is no obvious way to determine what...
  7. Mike

    Copy protect USB files

    As mentioned above, you would need to use some kind of proprietary digital rights management software for this. Under a typical use case scenario, it's not really something feasible. If someone can read/listen to it, they can copy it.
  8. Mike

    Windows 10 Pro 64bit build 17763.437 hanging to a buzzing noise

    Check Event Viewer logs, theyre hard to export and import across machines, but check and see if you see any prominent errors during this crash. At this point its either a critical driver failure or most likely, hardware failure. I would literally pull off the case and check to see if all the...
  9. Mike

    Windows 10 Pro 64bit build 17763.437 hanging to a buzzing noise

    Try to take into account the exact time when this happens and consider familiarizing yourself with Event Viewer in Windows.. it is very likely errors are being generated there, but it is hard to diagnose like this without offering a remote access service (We have thought about it - but too many...
  10. Mike

    Windows 10 Pro 64bit build 17763.437 hanging to a buzzing noise

    Please try instructions in post #7 Don't think its a sound issue whatsoever - not sure where that came from. Could be some kind of overheating/CPU throttling or partial mechanical failure but unsure unless the OS integrity is verified. If c:\windows\minidump is empty it could be that you are...
  11. Mike

    Text jibberish in OS, some Software and browser

    Are these machines identical hardware? If not can you describe their make/model or if they are a custom built system. Also, is their available hard disk space? This can sometimes cause corruption related to text on the screen, although I've never seen anything this bad unless it was some CRT...
  12. Mike

    Alternative to filmora9?

    Have you considered Adobe Premier Pro for this purpose? Its subscription based but you can add watermarks and title/credit screens. You could also pay for it on a monthly basis and then cancel. You may even be able to contact their sales team and ask about a free trial.
  13. Mike

    ReFS drive no longer recognized

    Yeah I generally have avoided storage spaces for this reason. The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 (aka "Surface Pro" and not Surface Pro 6 or 4) used 2 NVME SSDs in a built-in hardware based Storage Space solution crafted by Microsoft. Mind you this was NTFS-based. Still exhibited hard disk corruption...
  14. Mike

    Windows 10 Pro 64bit build 17763.437 hanging to a buzzing noise

    C:\Windows\Minidump If you are absolutely certain this issue started with an upgrade of Windows... have you considered 1) rolling back (never preferred) or 2) skipping ahead to 1903 (May Update) using the Insider Program and then immediately getting off the Insider Program using the Skip ahead...
  15. Mike

    Latest Maintenance Tasks

    Over the last several months we have been updating various components to improve the website experience. Over the last week, the forum software has been updated with bug fixes, as well the LAMP software in general. A database and kernel update precipitated a brief reboot today (about 20...
  16. Mike

    ReFS drive no longer recognized

    It depends on how long the drive was running in its defunct state. It goes without saying that many files may not be recoverable. Also, the more you read/write to the drive, have it powered on, could cause you to lose data integrity. Best case scenario for data recovery in such instances is that...
  17. Mike

    Can't Open Application

    He literally gave you the manual way to create the registry key on the first page of this enormous thread and even gave you the .reg file to add the key. Literally in that file is the instruction for the registry editor to add...
  18. Mike

    Video Scheduler Internal Error BSOD (new PC)

    Actually, since some people may find the post relevant and the issue may crop up again in a different manner (it was never fully resolved, although you may have had defective hardware), our general policy is to leave the thread open for further replies. Thanks for visiting and we hope that you...
  19. Mike

    New Drive

    I have formally addressed the issue with @WindowsPro. Sorry that you are seeing that level of blatant marketing as it is not endorsed by this website.
  20. Mike

    Block youtube through search engines

    When you say "playing in the results" where are you seeing that happen? On itself or? You could theoretically block youtube in the HOSTS file, but it could cause you some issues down the road.