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  1. Neemobeer

    Dvd writer logo missing .

    See solution 5 I've seen this happen before where a buggy filter driver is installed.
  2. Neemobeer

    Installing Windows 7 on Dell Inspiron 17-7778 Laptop

    Well 7th gen and newer Intels CPU won't work with any Windows version but 10. Also the fact that the support page for that model has only Windows 10 drivers.
  3. Neemobeer

    Installing Windows 7 on Dell Inspiron 17-7778 Laptop

    This laptop only supports Windows 10. There are no driver for it for Windows 7 nor does Windows 7 run on a 7th generation intel CPU.
  4. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 How does Windows 10 know when to run ChkDsk?

    That can happen for a number of reasons. If there is a lot of changes to a volume and the system was restarted. If corruption is detected. You can also manually set the dirty bit on a volume and it will trigger a chkdsk
  5. Neemobeer

    i have 4 more of those in my registy that wont fit in screen shot,

    18, 19 and 20 are supposed to be there and the -21's are one for each account including the built-in ones. What are you trying to do?
  6. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 Suspended at login

    Definitely not a Windows issue. Sounds like you set a password in Parallels
  7. Neemobeer

    Doesn’t open file MS Project 2010

    Well first off do you have project installed? As mentioned by Luke what is the error? Lastly run a repair on the project install.
  8. Neemobeer

    Windows Update running in Windows Task Manager processes

    You won't see Windows update running in task manager, at most if you show all processes you will see a svchost.exe process that is running Windows updates
  9. Neemobeer

    A way to lock folders?

    Well #1 I would setup a backup such as Carbonite so if something happens you can roll back. There isn't really a locking feature in Windows. You could do one of the following Remove all but read access to the directory. (Members of the administrators group would have to consciously re-add...
  10. Neemobeer

    win7 "restore previous folder windows at login" - ticked but not working

    Searching I believe they changed that feature. This guys answer sums it up pretty well and includes a third part solution. Restore previous folder windows at logon - Size, Location lost each boot
  11. Neemobeer

    Need to open the document

    Just run a repair on office that should fix the issue.
  12. Neemobeer

    Windows Update running in Windows Task Manager processes

    Windows update runs under a svchost service container (svchost.exe). If it's running the quickest way to find it is from a command prompt with tasklist /svc | findstr /I wuau results will be something like this if it's running svchost.exe 12036 UsoSvc, wuauserv
  13. Neemobeer

    Back from Vacation... And all network activity suddenly blocked?

    Well the phone is probably falling back to the cellular connection. If you have two devices (modem and router) then I would reboot the modem. If it's a single device and already bounced it I would contact your service provider because your not making it to the first hop outside your home...
  14. Neemobeer

    Back from Vacation... And all network activity suddenly blocked?

    Run the script here, copy the log on the desktop to another device and upload it here
  15. Neemobeer

    Upgrade to Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro for free.

    All of the free upgrade offers have expired. I did hear something about all existing Windows 7 being converted, but I can't find confirmation of this. You could try downloading and installing Windows 10 in a VM and see if it will activate with your Windows 7 license. Otherwise you will need...
  16. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 digital license linked to MS account

    No, it will need to be re-activated. Using the Activation troubleshooter after a significant hardware change After you add your Microsoft account and link it to your digital license, you can use the Activation troubleshooter to help reactivate Windows after a significant hardware change. Note...
  17. Neemobeer

    How to drag and drop end of day

    It is possible, but not with what's available in Windows. Either you'd have to search for an application that does this or create one. I'm not familiar with anything out there that does this. It wouldn't be a very difficult program to create though
  18. Neemobeer

    SAMBA connection problem; proven to be on the windows side.

    Well if it works from another Linux device then the share and hosting Linux device seems to be fine. I would suggest a wireshark capture from the Windows device Download wireshark Set the display filter to smb || smb2 Make a connection attempt Stop the capture Export specific packets... Make...
  19. Neemobeer

    How to list all setting page URIs in Windows 10’s Creators Update programtically?

    You can find them all here Launch the Windows Settings app - UWP app developer you'll have to make shortcuts
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