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    Windows 10 Optical drive randomly starts spinning when the computer is unused.

    Not that it bothers me, but I have noticed that the DVD drive (UDF live file system DVD inserted) randomly started spinning after the computer was not touched for many hours. It happens repeatedly. It does not bother me, I would just like to know what Windows does when accessing the disk.
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    Power settings: Does “Balanced” mean automatic?

    Does Balanced in the power settings mean that the system automatically uses power saving when operating on battery and maximum performance on external power? Or does Balanced mean moderate power consumption, no matter whether plugged or not?
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    Keyboard with volume keys: How to increase/decrease by 1% increments?

    If I press the VolumeUp/VolumeDown keys on my keyboard, the volume increases and decreases by 2% steps. But on headphones, 2% is too loud sometimes. How can I set the volume by 1% increments easily, using the shortcut keys on the keyboard?
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    WIndows logs me out, if video memory is full?

    I noticed that the screen sometimes starts to flicker after long sessions, then the computer becomes unresponsive, then I get to a black screen with a mouse pointer, then ~30 seconds later I am on the lock screen and I have been logged out. I am not sure, if a full video memory caused that, but...
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    Varying free storage?

    In 2013, our Vista SP2 Business PC (that OS was pre-installed, and actually great. In our experience, Vista worked as great as Windows 7) with 1 TB HDD had 610 GB free. Suddenly, after a few days, 627 GB were free, then 598 GB, without doing much. Then back to 618 GB free. Not that I mind it...
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    Why does disabling HDD timeout allegedly solve high CPU usage on "NT Kernel & System"?

    I never had the high Kernel & System CPU usage, but I saw this issue on a friend's computer. The process with PID 4 had a high CPU usage. But that issue solved itself. However, how is disabling HDD timeout (spin down after ** minutes) meant to solve the CPU usage issue? How is it related?
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    Extract information and relaunch system/applications from dump file?

    One can create dump file of tasks using task manager or also create full RAM dump files during a system crash. How can information be extracted from that dump? And can the system or specific applications be relaunched from dump files?
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    Approximate stand-by wattage?

    How much energy does a laptop typically need to maintain stand-by mode? I would like to calculate how long a 50 Watt Hour battery can keep a laptop in stand-by.
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    How does Windows decide whether to initiate automatic repair?

    Failed boot 1: Boot normally. Failed boot 2: Boot normally. Failed boot 3: Automatic repair. Failed boot 4: Boot normally again? In which file does Windows store the information of what mode to boot into?
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    Windows 10 Does Windows itself use the HDD in background?

    There is some backgorund I/O activity in Windows. I do not mind it, but I am just curious about what this activity is.
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    Windows 10 Unable to start real Windows HDD in virtual machi

    Not tested on Windows 2000. But if I attempt starting a working XP/Vista/7/8/10 HDD via VirtualBox or a different PC, I can only access the boot menu. Even safe mode results into BSOD.
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    Why is %appdata% %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming in WIndows?

    Why does %AppData% refer to the roaming folder?
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    File context menu broken? | It shows “0??????(O)” instead of “SYSTEM (C:\)”

    Why does this context menu display “0??????(O)”? And how do I repair it? Edit: Clicking on it does open C:\ normally.
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    Run Vista applications and games on XP?

    When I visited one of my friends with a Windows XP computer, he had Windows Vista games and a context menu option called Run Vista Compatible when right-clicking on an .exe-file. Where can I get that?
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    Mint vs. Manjaro?

    What are your experiences, advantages and disadvantages between Linux Mint vs. Linux Manjaro?
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    Windows 10 HDD accessed while PC unused?

    The HDD is active and every 2 or 3 seconds, it is being accessed. What does Windows do in the background?
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    Windows 10 Dark screen on full RAM

    Not in safe mode, but in normal mode, the screen goes dark as soon as the 4GB RAM gets full, without warning. Sometimes even by just running the web browser. How do I escape the dark screen without any reboot?
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    ChkDsk wrecks data?

    Windows 7 destroyed itself using AUTOCHK without warning on boot twice, where after the second time, even the Windows repair DVD could not help. After the first chkdsk on boot (autochk), some pictures on my SD card and on the PC itself were unreadable. When I opened the photo files using...
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    Windows 10 How does Windows 10 know when to run ChkDsk?

    When exactly does Windows show "Scn and repair this drive?"
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    Files lost during move?

    I moved files onto an external disk. During the move, the data suddenly vanished. It was nowhere. Not on the target drive, not on the origin. What happened? How do I get the data back?