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    Lose Internet Connection

    Okay, I am running Windows 7. I am using a Arris Surfboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem and I am using a Netgear N300 Wireless Router WNR2000v3. Lately I am losing my internet connection for short periods of time. When I go to look at the Modem, all of the lights on the front appear to be...
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    Strange Happening With Laptop and TV

    Sitting in my Living Room Laptop on Lap and turned on the Sunday Night Football Game Ravens/Steelers. Was watching on Baltimore Channel 11, when I turned on the Laptop, my signal went away thought nothing of it until I turned off the LT and the game came back on. Do not have cable, getting my TV...
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    Can I have Win 7 and Win 10?

    Can I have both and switch between each? I have tried Win 10 and get very frustrated with it and have gone back to Win 7 several times. What do I need to do to have both on the computer, do I need to put one on a floppy?
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    What is Going on?

    It doesn't happen very much. When I go to the top of the screen and the pointer touches on one of my favorites, the favorite disappears. if I scan across the favorites with the mouse pointer every one of them disappears. I usually restart the computer and everything comes back to normal. What...
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    Getting Rid of Passwords

    Okay, for the umpteenth time I have been trying to get rid of 2 passwords, one on sign in and the other on my hard drive. I have even taken my Toshiba Laptop back to "out of the box" status. I was not able to get the 3 disks to be accepted by pressing F12 until it was satisfied with the 2...
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    Problem opening a site

    I am on a site Called New Direction IRA, I can open it and it responds with my name but it does not give me the information in my account. I am able to get into every other site ie My Bank of America Account, My Stock Account, everything but the above named account. I am using Laptop , Win 7...
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    Want to Remove Sign in and Hard Drive Password

    I had to re-install my Laptop to out of the Box condition. During that time, I was asked to key in a password, I did and also somewhere along the line, it requested a password for my Hard Drive which I had installed new, it is a solid state drive. It is win 7 and a Toshiba Satellite A665...
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    Back to Out of Box

    I just stated to get my Toshiba back to Out of the Box condition. Well, since I changed out my hard drive to a Solid State one, with just the first disk of three, it has taken me 3 hours and 40 minutes to get the Hard drive deleted 50%. So much for SS Drives being in a hurry. I am on my...
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    Scroll stops working halfway

    Okay scroll starts acting up when I am about half way down on a web site. I have noticed it ever since I downloaded Win 10. I have to close the site or it sometimes freezes up completely. Using win 7 at the time. I thought that is might have to due with how many windows I have opened and I...
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    Recently upgraded to win 10

    I have so far only 2 problems with Win 10. I some how have 2 sign in's wanting a password. One is coming from my Hotmail account and the other one I know not where it came from. I can get in with the Hotmail password but I would prefer to do away with the password all together. The other...
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    Windows Defender

    I looked at the Pauli/Drew exchange from 2013 and since my question is the WD/Avast/Malwarebytes but is now concerning the new Win 10 I am posting my question below> I am trying out the Win 10 upgrade from Win 7 and I noticed that Windows Defender is turned off. I am using Avast and...
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    Windows 10 How to Lock in Google Stock?

    I like to see a stock by using the name of the stock or its code and would like to be able to lock in for example: (LGCY Google Stock) so that up pops the Google Stock Screen with the information. I do not like the Yahoo screen because it does not give me all the information I want to see...
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    Mailboxes How to make them appear same size?

    I have Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. How can I make them appear the same text size. For some reason, the only way I can adjust the size is to View at top of screen and make changes, before I had that option at the bottom of the screen but no longer. Did updates do away with that?
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    Had an Email offering Win 10 Upgrade

    It said "I can reserve a free copy" It is now gone, what is the deal? Anyone get such a message? Sorry, I just scrolled down and see some information on what I am talking about. Now to read it.
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    Why Do Favorites Just Up and Disappear?

    Every once in a while, 4 or 5 of my favorites just up and go away, why? Even this site has gone away and I just had to find it again and put it in my favorites. i.e. the Weather site, my Trike sites and so on. I have the tool bar locked, not sure if that is part of it.
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    Website takes long time downloading

    What causes Scripting? Why does it take forever for a Website page to finish downloading so that you can scroll down the page? One thing I did was replace my HDD 500G with a SSD 240G. Could this be a contributor to this problem? The SSD is great for fast boot up.
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    What Would You Do?

    I am in the market for a new Computer, with about $600 dollars to spend, right now. Up front, I am not crazy about the Win 8 OS, as I hate the loss of the start menu. Should I wait for the Win 10 to come out? Like I said, what would you do sit tight and wait or will there be something that...
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    Need to Print from Laptop to Desktop Printer via WiFi

    Both machines are Win7 and both are on the same network. How can I print from the Lap to the Desk printer? At one time, I believe I was able to do this. .
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    Updates Take Forever?

    I have been waiting for the necessary updates to come along for about 3+ weeks. I am stuck with IE 8 and can't seem to be able to move forward. Is there a way to force the updates to show up?
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    What is the clicking I hear?

    Okay, I installed a SSD in my laptop and I hear clicking sometimes opened my dvd tray yet I still get it. What is clicking, was not aware that chips click, are there any relays in a SSD Drive? I thought it might be the wireless mouse attached to the USB port but it is not that.