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    how to retrieve encypted MS Word files

    Word files were encrypted while on a Win XP PC. PC Died and data was "backed up", Windows 7 was installed. Now the files are all gibberish. Am I screwed?
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    Increase the size of "Close, Minimize, Maximize" Buttons?

    How is this done in W7 please? Thanks!
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    Spinning circle

    32 bit W7, fresh, clean install and I have an intermittent issue where the mouse turns to a very pretty spinning blue circle and I can't click on anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. No app's running at the time. TIA.
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    Intermittent freezing at "Windows is Starting" splash

    My wife's 32 Bit Win 7 PC is intermittently freezing at the "windows is starting" splash screen. Normally I reset/reboot and it boots fine on the next attempt. Lately it has been taking more attempts in order to get it to boot properly. Any idea what might be causing this intermittent issue?
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    Windows 7 Move "Search" to Taskbar?

    I liked having my "Search Bar" on my Taskbar in XP. Can the Windows 7 "Search" be moved to the taskbar? If so, how does one accomplish this?