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    OneDrive and SkyDrive in Windows 8.1

    I have been using Windows 8.1 desktop (Dell 8700) for a little more than 6 months. I am very happy with its performance. The computer is very fast. But here is one hitch. As all of you might know that the original SkkyDrive was converted into OneDrive during Microsoft auto-updating...
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    Auto-syncing between Dropbox and files in computer

    Dropbox is so convenient that I recently bought 1 tb space. So I am trying to make use of its large space. Here is my question. I use mainly "My Documents" folder (in Win 7 and 8 computers) for creating, updating and modifying files everyday. Then I MANUALLY sync the same My Documents...
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    How to recover lost data

    By a mistake today, a partition (400 GB) containing important data was deleted. The partion is now restored to NTFS format. Please advise me how to restore some of the lost data. Thank you.
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    How do we know whether web email was sent or not

    I use Outlook mainly for emailing. Sometimes, I am forced to write email from web page (for example, for tech support). After hitting the SENT button, I have no idea whether the email was was sent or not. Does anybody know how?
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    Problem with automatic defrag

    I have two computers with Windows 7 OS. Both computers were set the same configuration schedule for defrag: 1:00 am every Wed. One computer does auto defrag on schedule but the second computer does not do auto defrag at all. HOw can I fix this problem. hummer
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    Adobe flash player issue

    I thought that I installed Adobe Flash player. But whenever I open IE7, a bar pops up asking to run flash player (see the attachment). How can I kill this inconvenience? Hummer
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    How do you safeguard your data?

    We handle confidential personal or business data almost every day. In order to to avoid being hacked, I am trying to figure out how to protect our data. Encryptng data is an easy answer but repeated encrytion and decryption of data everyday would be inconvenient chores. I am wondering how you...
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    Helf with autorun.inf script

    TrueCrypt is used in my flashdrive. Whenever I plug in my flashdrive into a USB port, it automatically prompts TrueCrypt. That is with Windows XP. But the flash drive does not prompt TrueCrypt with Windows 7. It seems that the scritp for autorun.inf must be modifed for Windows 7. I wonder...
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    Resizing two screens on the wide screen monitor?

    I use a wide screen monitor as most of you do. The monitor has enough space to accomodate two screens (files). Is there easy way to resize two or three screens automatically when I open two or three files together? I hope that Windows 7 has such a hidden function.
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    How to delete duplicated Windows folders?

    To make a long story short, there are currently two windows (SP Pro) folders: Windows and Windows_0. It seems that sombody installed Windowx XP Pro twice by a mistake Because of that, whenever I boot the computer, the following notice is seen on the screen: Please select the operating...
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    How to disable Windows Live Messenger in Windows 7

    Whenver I boot the new Window 7 compuer, Windows Live Messenger dialog box pops up asking me to sign in. I don't need/use the messenger. I could not figure out how to disable the windows live messenger. Please advise me how. hummer7
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    Win7 machine does not receive some emails

    I started to use a new win7 machine (Dell XPS 8000) for our buiness operation a few days ago. What I found was that many emails are not receiving by Win 7 machine (I use Outlook 2007). When I opened one of our XP computers in the late afternoon, I found tons of emails in the XP computer. Both...
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    Help with a Run-Time Error

    A program which I have been using with XP computer was installed on a new win7 machine today. Installation was successful without any problem. When I tried to click the program, it prompted a run time as follows: Runtime error - 2147191496 (80047538): An attempt was made to refernce a...
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    Help with this error

    My Win 7 machine (Dell XPS 8000) is 2 weeks ago. About a dozen of programs were already installed and they are running fine. But recently, I start to see an unsual error on the screen when I open programs (so far two programs): There is no disk in the drive. Please inssert a disk into drive...
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    Problem with th recent Broadcom driver autoupdate

    My Dell XPS desktop computer is two weeks old. Win 7 works great. When I got the computer, the first thing I did was to install Linksys wmp300N wireless adaptor on PCI slot. Installation of its driver was followed. Since then, the wireless internet connecxtion has been working great so far...
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    Minimu size to shrink for c-partition

    I got a new Dell Win7 computer with 640 GB hard drive. But free space for C-Partition in the new computer is now 555gb. For my XP computers, the size of C-partition is about 60 GB. So I tried to shrink 555 gb size to 60 gb in the Disk Managment. I could not shrink to that low but only...
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    Disappearing program icons

    I am installing programs to a new Win7 computer. Today, I uninstalled winrar program. When it is uninstalled, three program icons (e.g., total commander, texpad, and True Image ) became the same plain icon. I created their shortcuts from their program folders (I see the icons in their...
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    Power Save Mode drives me nuts

    I received a Dell XPS 8000 desktop/monitor combo yesterday. I mmediatedly started the computer after connecting an ethernet cable to DSL router and the tower. The computer an smoothly without any hitch so far including the itnernet. But in about 10 min, it entered the power save mode. So I got...