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    XP Install - No HDD Controller Driver

    OK, this is driving me nuts! I need to reinstall XP on a friends laptop - it needs to be XP, for the time being at least. The problem of XP not having built in drivers for the SATA controller rears it's ugly head - it's listed in the current install of XP as nVidia nForce for the controller...
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    No Printer Spooler Service?

    A friend has a netbook with Win 7 on it, and asked me to have a look at it as he couldn't install his printer - No printer spooler service is installed? I've never seen this before, and don't think there's any way of adding it as it should install during Windows installation. Does anyone have...
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    EFS Sharing Problem

    Hi all... I'm trying to share an encrypted folder between two Win 7 laptops - have followed the instructions below to the T, but still get the same 'Access Denied' error, even after exporting/importing the certificate - am I missing something obvious? Instructions below... To export the EFS...
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    Wireless Network Logging?

    Hi all... Is there any utility that can log a wireless network for dropped connections over a period of a few days? I need something that can show me the history of connections that I can compare against the windows application log - my friend thinks the network is dropping out sometimes which...
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    Win 7 Thinks Logical Drive is Disconnected Network Drive

    The title says it all really - woke up this morning, switched on the laptop, and Windows 7 is showing my logical (D) drive as a disconnected network drive... I can still access it ok, but all shortcuts to any folders in it that are on the desktop now have something (can't make out what) on top...