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    MS Account password doesn't work to open Windows Store

    My Microsoft account password works fine to log me into Windows 10 but when I try to log into Windows Store (of Skype, etc) it tells me the password is invalid
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    Cannot see file shares on network

    I have 4 PCs on my network, all running windows 10 (3 on 1803 and 1 on 1809). They are connected to a Netgear Dual Band router - 2 at 2.4 Ghz and 2 at 5 Ghz. Up until a few days ago, the network ran perfectly and I could share files from all computers in both directions. Now, I cannot only see...
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    Reinstall Insider Build

    I have been a Windows Insider since very early in the program and am currently on build 17101. My installed Windows seems to have picked up a number of problems that I cannot get fixed: 1. Windows Mail is broken and I have tried various fixes provided by MS experts and it stays broken. 2...
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    Windows 10 digital license linked to MS account

    Since my WIndows 10 is activated and linked to my MS account, does this mean I can change my motherboard and remain activated?
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    Microsoft Mail Problem

    Windows mail does not work. I cannot Manage Accounts. When I open the Manage window and click on any account, nothing happens. I cannot add or delete accounts. Mail does not come in on the accounts I have previously set. One of my accounts can send messages but it does not receive them; the...
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    Problem with Windows Backup and Restore

    I have been using Windows Backup and Restore in Windows 7 for over three years. I create an image of C: each night and also do a file backup of D: each night. This process is automated and has worked flawlessly for me. I do not want to change to another backup system. Yesterday, when I checked...
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    UAC Randomly Resets

    I have a new Windows 7 Pro 64x system and I decided not to use UAC so I set the slider to the lowest setting and rebooted. All worked well for a while but it appears that occasionally, when I reboot, UAC is reset to the highest value. I cannot find an event that causes this and I have not...