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    New Drive

    When i tried to load my new harddrive this morning , it was on ages with the windows 10 logo flashing on and off . Before the computer turned itself off . I'm on the old drive at the moment . When i go into settings both drives are listed ,also in Disk Management both drives are shown . ( i...
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    Compatibility report:

    When i try to install Windows 10 Pro on a 8GB hard-drive , i get the following message .It says; Compatibility report: The computer started using the windows installation media. Remove the installation media and restart your computer so that windows starts normally. Then, insert the installation...
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    My internet connction keeps going off , it happens lots of times everyday lately . All the connections seem to be in right . Can someone please help me .
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    Email keeping sending to my own adress

    Hello When I try to post an image in an email to a certain address , the Email keeping sending to my own address . How can I get it to send to the email address I want it to go .
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    How to reduce a video in Nero 2018

    Hello all , could someone please help me with this . It happens in Nero 2018 Platinum . When I try to burn A Blu-ray or Dvd disc , some times i get a message saying Reduce the encoding quality of your project automatically , i click yes and the project shortens so i can burn the video . Other...
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    Adobe Photoshop CS6

    Morning all , I bought an edition of Adobe Photoshop CS6 , what I downloaded . I was going to try and make my own Dvd covers and Dvd labels . I was watching someone on YouTube , he had a circle on his version mine does not . Does anyone know where its based or is mine missing .There are 2...
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    Language Converter

    Hello , Does anyone know of a good Language Converter , a tool to change one audio to another . Thank you .
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    Hello , can somebody please give me some help or advice on how to make High Definaion photo's . A website i use for movie covers , usually has movie fronts in JPG fomat 4.61 MB one 5.41 MB and i think one cover was over 6 MB . Mine ( i take a photo using the snipping tool ) are usually about...
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    evening all , I recently bought a new harddrive , I tried to convert using this method as it said the conversion rate was rapid taking only seconds . I must have done it wrong because my drive still shows 1.99TB and 2.93MB can someone please tell me how to complete the conversion . thank you .
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    Uninstall Avast Free Antivirus .

    Afternoon all , I was wondering if anyone knows how to Uninstall Avast Free Antivirus . I installed it by mistake last night that and another program something with byte in its name . The program I installed was Daemon tools free , I have a large Disk image video file . And I thought Daemon...
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    Missing folders

    I just installed windows 10 pro on my hard-drive , using the keep folders and apps option . Before that I got your windows license will expire soon , I went ahead thinking this install will fix that . I got all my apps but no folders , my drive shows 227GB free of 1.99TB so something is there...
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    Windows activation .

    Hello all , another 2 problems . The first one is Windows activation , I bought a windows 10 pro dvd and was going to install I all my hard-drives . This is the last it was well used I liked this drive a lot . When I fired the drive up ( it has been standing a while ) , I got a message saying ...
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    Windows Activation

    Hello all , I bought a Windows 10 Pro x64 dvd , I installed it yesterday . It was on a very long time I chose keep folders and apps , and everything went well . It first updated to a newer windows version then it installed , the thing that puzzles me is I didn't have to enter the product key ...
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    whea uncorrectable error

    Mornin all , I don't know if this is the right forum I want , but most times I try to burn a dvd I get a blue screen with whea uncorrectable error and my computer re-starts . Its been the same with when I try to burn blu-rays for a while now , the dvd's were burning ok . Now I seem to be getting...
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    8.5GB Dual layer dvds only play halfway through .

    Evening all , When I burn a 8.5GB Dual layer dvd , it only gets about halfway then the picture sticks . I have had this happen before , quite a few years ago now . I think its something to do with not all the dvd being burned properly . I tried it today on Nero 2018 Platinum , its been years...
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    Dvd writer logo missing .

    Afternoon all , the dvd writer icon in my computer is now missing , it was ok . The cables seem to be in right , when I start and go in settings . In the BOOT menu there is a Dvd -Rom drive listed , so I think it's the Logo in My computer that's missing . I don't know how that could have or...
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    500GB SSD Drive what's the best way to use it .

    Hello all , I bought a 500GB SSD Drive about 2 years ago now . I had a bit spare money , a inheritance gift . I decided to build my own computer , there was someone building a gaming PC on youtube . And i thought that looks pretty easy , I went to a couple of dealers on Ebay ( just to make sure...
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    New 8TB Hard-drive only shows 1.99TB .

    Morning all , I bought a new 8TB Hard-drive online , I installed Windows 10 on it and it's only showing 1.99TB on my computer . I thought windows only showed 3TB as the largest size , but the bloke in the local computer shop said windows 10 had solved that problem . (Meaning I wouldn't have to...
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    Nero Platinum 2018 copy

    Afternoon all , Happy new year one and all , I bought a version of Nero Platinum 2018 . I tried to copy the installation disk for a spare . I used Nero 2018 I had on here but when I put the dvd in the player instead of the open exe to run the software I got , files on this disk 8 with auto-run...
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    How to make a router wireless

    Hello , my Netgear Nighhawk Router .NETGEAR Nighthawk AC2300 Smart Wi-Fi Router - I think that's the model , I phoned my network provider up trying to make my NETGEAR Nighthawk AC2300 Smart Wi-Fi Router - wireless . downloaded Netgear Genie and she thinks it may already be wireless as do I ...