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    2 User's

    My clean install of 7 when great. Everything is working fine and I feel great about 7 and I want to thank for some help from the forum. Here's a simple item I need to do. When I had Vista I set up 2 user's. One for me and one for the wife. I had a problem of opening something on my side and...
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    7 won't wake up

    I had a good clean install. Was using Vista, glad to see it go. Everything works great, even got my 1394a card and my Firewire box to work. All software and all drives work good. I really like 7 but, it won't wake up after going to sleep. Have to do a hard shutdown/boot. Default power...
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    How to Mark Drive as Active

    Looks like what happened to me has happened to others. When I installed 7 it put it on my Recovery D drive. Then I installed it correctly on my C drive. Now when the computer reboots I get the screenshot that shows Windows 7 twice. Somewhere on this forum I saw someone post the procedure to...
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    Windows 7 Window tabs in Task Bar

    With Vista I could have the tabs for my open windows side by side in the task bar. I like being able to see what's open. In 7 they are all behind the little folder icon. Is there any way to have them side by side?
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    Wrong Partition

    Was running Vista Home 32 bit system. I always had problems with Vista so I wanted to upgrade to 7 ASAP. I never could get the upgrade advisior to run, I couldn't load 7 in as an upgrade either. I always got and error. I had all of my data backed up on a external so last night I did the...
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    Upgrade Advisor Problems

    I have Vista on a Dell computer thats 2 years old. I bought the Vista upgrade to 7 version at Best Buy. I ran the upgrade advisor and it never would complete it's run. I saw from the Windows Community Forum that I should do a clean boot and then rerun the upgrade advisor. I did that, found...