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    How to install driver for ATI RV530 video

    How to install driver for ATI RV530 video [solved] I'm re installing windows 8 and it needs the driver for my ATI RV530 video. I've installed the driver before but I can't find the link. Does anyone know where I can download the drivers for ATI RV530 video?
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    upgrading to Windows 8.1

    I would like to upgrade from Win 8 to the new Windows 8.1 preview and try it out. Once I install Win 8.1 preview will I be able to install the Win 8.1 final over it when it comes out this Fall?
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    Internet Explorer 10 is gone from program list

    I've recently installed Start Menu 8 to create a win 7 menu and bypass the tiles, but now I don't see IE 10 listed anywhere. Where could it go? I didn't think you could get rid of IE10. I use Chrome as my default browser, but I would like to open IE 10 if needed. How do I get IE 10 back...
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    Windows 8 and

    I've been using Windows 8 for a couple months. I have a email that I use to log into Win 8. When I open Mail app (outlook and it comes up full screen and has very few controls. About all you can do is send a email. No contacts. When I go to use within the Chrome...
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    How to resize small text in browser controls

    A friends HP 17 inch laptop has very small fonts on the browser controls, whether its Chrome or Firefox. The text I'm talking about is the text in tabs and bookmark bar and any other text outside of the webpage area. I've never seen this on any other PC. How can you resize this text? Its hard to...
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    Computer died last night - How to use Win 8 install again

    Computer died last night - How to use Win 8 install again [solved] Last night I had a computer crash and the motherboard is dead. :( what do I do to use my hard drive again on another computer that I will buy so I can use this install of windows 8 again?
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    Classic Start 8 Menu and Default Start Page

    I see there is a Classic Start 8 Menu that once installed will give you back the Windows 7 style menu. If you install it, can you still go back to the default Windows 8 Start page if you like?
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    IE 10 does not import Chrome bookmarks

    I installed Win 8 pro yesterday and getting used to it. I was trying to import bookmarks from my chrome browser to IE 10. It let me select Chrome and said the import was complete and click Finish. I check the bookmarks and there are no bookmarks! I then tried to import from a file (html) and...
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    Can't run Release Preview w/ nvidia geforce 8400 video

    I've recently installed a nvidia geforce 8400 video card on my test PC that has four hard drives running, Ubuntu, Debian and Mageia Linux distros. They all work fine with the video card. When I tried to install win8 Release Preview on a newly installed hdd that I partitioned to ntfs, the...
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    Can't install windows 7 with new nvidia geforce 8400 video installed!

    I have a PC with 4 hardrives. Three with Linux: Ubuntu, Debian, and for other distros and one that had Windows 7 running on it for 2 1/2 years. It had an on board nvidia 6100 and I upgraded to a nvidia geforce 8400 card, which works well with Debian and the new Ubuntu 12.04. But when I tried to...
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    How to enlarge a detail window

    I have just set up a new HP laptop for a friend. In the last couple days I noticed that when right-clicking to see the detail menu, it's very small, smaller than normal. How do I enlarge that menu?
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    ATI RV370 drivers

    Can I install video drivers for my ATI RV 370 video card? The generic drivers with Windows 8 make the fonts pixelated. Maybe the correct drivers would sharpen them up.
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    Fonts are not as sharp as Linux Mint on same PC

    I have a PC with two hard drives, My main one is Linux Mint 12 and the second one is Windows 8 Consumer Review. Overall I like the way Win 8 works, but the fonts are not as sharp as on my Mint 12 hard drive. It's all the same video running off my HP 4400 workstation w/4GB RAM. I did the Clear...
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    Win 8 beta wants key number, so it won't install

    Win 8 beta wants key number, so it won't install [solved] I just burned the iso of Win 8 Consumer Review 64bit and booted it up to install on my hard drive that was formated to ntfs, just like the Developers Preview last year, but this time the install didn't let me select the hard drive and...
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    ATI video drivers for Acer Extensa 4420

    I've just installed Win 7 64bit on my Acer Extensa 4420 notebook. I went to the Acer site and downloaded the VGA ATI 8.635.0.0W7x64W7x86A Installed but it doesn't work, wrong drivers, how do I find the video drivers for this notebook? I'm selling this to a friend next month. should I install...
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    New SP1 update taking a long time

    My update of SP1 has been running now for 45 minutes and it still says Stage 1 of 2 ... how long does it take? Is it because of heavy traffic on the MS servers? Will I have to force shutdown?
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    Windows 7 How to keep one photo as wallpaper

    How would select one photo from a set of wallpapers to show on the screen? I like some of the series of photos, but it would be nice to be able to select one for the desktop.