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    AOL Problem

    Hey guys My mum was at my cousins house earlier with her laptop trying to access the internet. My cousin is on AOL broadband. I told her to connect to my cousins router by using the built in windows vista "Connect to a network" no luck password wise 10 minutes after trying many passwords AOL...
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    Windows 7 help

    If you are talking about the XP compatability mode then yes it is included but only in Windows 7 Pro and Ultimate. Of course with all versions you still have the compatability tab in the properties.
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    FREE! Antivirus to celebrate Windows 7!!! Kaspersky, Panda, IObit

    dammit I was looking forward to that too :(
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    FREE! Antivirus to celebrate Windows 7!!! Kaspersky, Panda, IObit

    lol yeah me too but I dont know when the link will be up properly :| I got IObit 360 working on several computers now ;)
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    FREE! Antivirus to celebrate Windows 7!!! Kaspersky, Panda, IObit

    WHOO HOO! Windows 7 is launched officially and Kaspersky, Panda, and IObit are celebrating by giving away FREE 1 year licenses today only! Kaspersky Internet Security Panda Internet Security 2010 IObit Security 360 PRO Link Removed - Invalid URL Enjoy :) :razz: :razz:
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    installation trouble

    Try this: 1. Boot into Windows 7 Disk 2. Launch the 'Repair' utility (I think this is found next to the "Install" button on the lower left corner?) 3. Look for "Startup Repair"and run that :) Fingers Crossed!
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    Windows 7 fails to install

    It may be that you have to do a clean isntall :( I don't suppose you know the error code of the BSOD?
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    New Office 2010 build leaks: 14.0.4514.1007

    OMG is this on microsoft connect?? Im on that beta thing lol ill try and get it :D
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    Ipod Touch > Computer?

    NM sorted :) For anyone else with problems google Sharepod :)
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    Panda Global Protection 2010 Free!

    :p For those who don't already know Panda is yet another antivirus software company. There are sever products in there range including the regular antivirus "Panda Antivirus Pro", the piggy-in-the-middle "Panda Internet Security" and the big cheese "Panda Global Protection". Panda has recently...
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    Anyone got there Windows 7 delivered early

    lol sorry to hear that :( No bloody doubt it would happen ever so conveniently on the release day of 7 :L
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    Anyone got there Windows 7 delivered early

    lol there is a 24h strike Thursday and Friday :D thats why I got it today because amazon didnt want the package to get caught in the middle of the strike :L I would have cried if it had..... :(
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    Ipod Touch > Computer?

    Hi guys I'm looking for software that will transfer the music from my ipod touch 1G (latest firmware) to my computer. I have Windows 7 Home Premium (Retail) Please help - my iTunes looks naked :( :D Thanks
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    Microsoft Windows 7 Professional E ?

    lol yeah tbh I think the whole point of 'E' was to "scare" the EU - I don't think they would've ever gone along with it :p
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    after system rest, it goes back to sign on screen

    Have you tried here? Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Power Options > System Settings :confused:
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    Microsoft Windows 7 Professional E ?

    The "E" stands for european. Microsoft were going to develop a european version of Windows to begin with, the difference was there was going to be (originally) no browser whatsoever. if i remember correctly the EU fought against microsofts internet explorer being prebundled so they took it out...
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    XP to W7 upgrade issue

    With the upgrade version you cannot make a clean install of Windows 7. In order for upgrade to work you must have Windows XP/Vista already installed, boot into windows xp and load your Windows 7 disk (I am unsure about booting straight into the disk..) it should work that way :) To do a clean...
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    Anyone got there Windows 7 delivered early

    woop woop!! Just arrived!!! :D:D:D 2 Disks included = x64 + x86 :)
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    Anyone got there Windows 7 delivered early

    woot! I'm expecting to receive my copy from Amazon tonight ;) !! EXCITED!!!