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  1. patcooke

    Activate Windows

    If you have a legal copy of Windows then follow the procedure to activate it, otherwise withdraw your request as it would constitute software piracy which will earn you an immediate ban from these forums.
  2. patcooke

    Windows 10 lost wifi when using

    Google translate gives: "I'm running Windows 10, but I often lose wifi, I don't know if I have installed Windows 10 version yet. Has anyone fallen into this situation? Please fix it. "
  3. patcooke

    My Outlook wont Open

    There's a good guide to possible solutions here:
  4. patcooke

    Pls help with the flickering on my laptop

    Same pc with same problem here. Posted the surface back to MS in Germany with a description of the fault. Came back with a big checklist with all boxes ticked telling me it had passed all their tests - no reference to the problem, never solved and I couldn't be bothered to reurn it and wait...
  5. patcooke

    Windows 7 doesn't print a proper quantity of documents

    Try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer software.
  6. patcooke

    windows startup bug

    So when you switch on some things are not starting up? How fa does it get? Is the PC usable at all when it finishes startup?
  7. patcooke

    windows startup bug

    A bit more detail is needed to try and help with this problem.
  8. patcooke

    Sticky Notes

    Have you tried googling "download stickynotes"?
  9. patcooke

    1903 upgrade mandatory?

    It's all down to personal preference but as long as I'm in control with my regular round of full backup images (I maintain the three most recent backups on an external drive.) I don't worry and have personally never suffered any update problems.
  10. patcooke

    1903 upgrade mandatory?

    They are not "mandatory" but have had some good testing before full release and ultimately you need to keep up to date for all sorts of reasons. I always make a regular full backup image using the free version of Macrium Reflect - then if I do have problems I can run a full recovery.
  11. patcooke

    Windows 10 windows clock error

    I suspect the last two letters of the OP's name have got corrupted.
  12. patcooke

    Security Awareness Training

    I think this may be the up to date link:
  13. patcooke

    the @ key on a spanish querty keyboard.

    It is frequently "swapped" with the " symbol (shift/2).
  14. patcooke

    It is frequently "swapped" with the " symbol (shift/2).

    It is frequently "swapped" with the " symbol (shift/2).
  15. patcooke

    Happy Birthday Ross!

    Happy Birthday Ross!
  16. patcooke

    Task Bar Basically Dead

    If you haven't already done so I'd get any important data backed up and run a full disk healeth check.
  17. patcooke

    Macrium boot question

    If you want to create a backup using Macrium you do it under Windows but if you wish to run a restore from a backup obviously you cannot overwrite Windows whilst running it. That is what the menu option is for - it will boot you into Macrium by running Windows PE (pre-installed environment)...
  18. patcooke

    Macrium backup question

    Thanks for the feedback.
  19. patcooke

    Macrium backup question

    Given the ease with which which you can download and reinstall all from scratch I'd do a full remove of verything.
  20. patcooke

    Macrium backup question

    Reason I suggested a reinstall is that failing to copy from the boot image on drive C would imply that the PE files need restoring. Yes I would also clean up after the reinstall - maybe us ccleaner and physically remove the Macrium folder from C:\boot before reinstall if anything remains there.