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    MS Office 2016 failing to activate, error 0xc004F074

    Hi, I was using KMS crack to activate Office 2016 pro plus, not sure if after windows/office updates, it started failing activation with 0xc004F074 error. I tried to install some volume pack fixing patch from windows for this error, uninstalled and installed office, no use. please help!
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    How to create iCloud data file-Oultook 2010-Wins10

    Hello All, For some reason I have deleted iCloud data file from Outlook 2010, which was in use by user on Outlook (as add in). Now user is asking for that add in Outlook back. For this, I am seeing Add-in enabled in Outlook but I know it should not work because of lacking Outlook Data file...
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    Windows Server 2012 Shared Folder permissions issues !!

    Dear All, We are using Windows Server 2012R2 for sharing folders on the network. Our requirement is : 1. Around 8 Shared folders 2. Depends on folder we need to give Modify permission for small group, Read+Write for another group and R+W permissions including Modify permission on some...
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    DNS issue in LAN - network slow down

    Hi All, Our network is in workgroup but not in domain because of most of the computers in the office are home edition operating systems. Though we have windows server 2012 as a file server. Our issue is the network slow, by analyzing I found the issue may be with the computers cannot identify...
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    Destination/Source path too long- try by shortening

    Dear Geeks, We are facing the "Destination/ Source path too long - try by shortening the name ". Some times users are unable to access the files on file server because of path too long. So what is solution for this without shortening the names ? Thanks in Advance.
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    Software issues with windows 8

    In our network we have windows 7 and windows 8 operating systems. Our production softwares are AutoCAD,photoshop,3d max,google sketchup... Issue is systems with windows 8 operating system are getting more issues like "Windows stopped working " with AutoCAD,Internet Explorer usually.. How to...